…I missed you face

I’ll get to my recap of adventures in the wild Alaska in a little bit…but first I’d just like to let you all know how much I missed my face. Now, I’m well aware exactly how vain that sounds. Don’t you worry…I’ll take the time to explain.

As a first note, my skin never does well on airplanes…never has never will I’m almost sure of it. Even when I was a teenager with no acne {irony which is my life} I would still have breakouts on plane rides. As an adult with adult acne {again…shakes fist at the sky} it has gotten worse. I could handle a blemish or two…what I can’t handle are dry patches and blemishes AND random pore issues. I can’t. I just can’t. But I understood that that was how my skin rolled and I was prepared for that nice face cleaning after getting to the hotel. Did i mention that this was the one trip our luggage was lost leaving me without the proper tools to wash my face for over 24 hours? Well it was. What was once dry combination skin was now oily with flaky patches of dry and smatterings of makeup. And to add icing to the cupcake of complications, when we finally got our luggage…the face wash that I had repackaged for my trip leaked. Luckily, I double zip-lock my stuff but still…it was barely usable.
By the time I got home my skin was a hot mess. I salvaged as much as I could and had a tiny tester of neutrogena left over in my suitcase from Florida but the damage was done. My skin I’d been working so hard on for the past couple months crumbled in a week. Was it perfect yet? No far from it…but I had witnessed progress and it was all gone.
Upon returning home {plane ride from hell mind you…} I hopped in the shower and was reunited with my old friends

And believe me when I say…it was glorious. It’s amazing what skin care can do for you. Well…skincare and good makeup. My confidence was shot because I didn’t have a- the right skincare to salvage what the plane had zapped me of and b- the proper makeup tools to rectify the situation. Needless to say we’ll be doing a better job next time I go traveling…lord knows camping’s going to be an adventure…

Until next time.


Greetings from 34000 feet

And so we’re anchorage bound! Brief layover in Denver which was lovely. It was cool to see those rocky mountains up close…well as close as possible. On our flight over from Dulles, mom, dad and I entertained ourselves with some picture finds as well as me attempting to push forward with

    Girl with the Dragon Tattoo… Which has proven to be my traveling book. Florida and now Alaska. I may or may not be super excited. Mom and I also had a little photo shoot via the iPad that kept us entertained for a solid 45 minutes to an hour. As far as traveling goes…I’m getting better about it. I still get super ancy when it comes to getting to the airport {read: we walked right up to boarding today….shambles} but all in all it’s rather enjoyable. Things i regret? Forgetting to download movie prior to take off…we have tvs in the backs of our seats but not for free. Lame sauce.
    I thought maybe at this time I’d share with you some of my peculiar ways of traveling. For starters… I always keep a rosary in my carry on luggage…am I catholic? No- but there’s always that little peace of mind having it there. Número dos- spare underwear and shirt. Lord knows I don’t want to get somewhere and have lost luggage and a nothing to change into. In also try and keep a few nicknacks such as a book, iPod, and basic toiletries {hello deodorant and contact stuff} because you just don’t know. So what do you guys keep in mind while traveling?