Fotd 7/29/12

I think you’ll be proud of me today…did my make up a little outside of the box for me…sad thing is I a)forgot to take photos earlier in the day and b) I don’t feel as though the colors translated as well as they looked in person. Best part about this look is how inexpensive and highly pigmented the eyeshadows were. They were maybe 3 dollars for the three piece palette by wet’n’wild. In the past few years they’ve reformulated a lot of their products and they’re not too shabby. Not to mention the plus of keeping the price low. Generally I feel as though if you buy cheap on some products you end up buying twice but these are fantastic. I recommend you look into these…maybe I’ll do a review…new thing pop’n on the blog all the time.


Primed with stila one step correct
On the face we have benefit oxygen wow! In “I’m pure for sure ivory”
Concealer in maybelline age rewind in fair and MAC select moisture coverage in nc15
Highlighter in MAC MSF in lightscapade [duh]
Blush in MAC pinch o’peach
Eyeshadow primer in too faced shadow insurance
Eyeshadows wet’n’wild knock on wood palette
Eyeliner in maybelline lash stiletto in black
And for mascara I did tarte ready set lashes in black
Lip color KatVonD Lolita
and finished with urban decay setting spray in dew me

Sunday was suuuper busy. After work I met up with family for a light dinner, ice cream and birthday fun [cough…I turned 29 last week] but by the time I was done at work I was ready to go home…I mean true blood and the Olympics were on and I’m kind of pressed about my sports.
Hope your weekend was as lovely as mine.

Ps. An explanation of the 3rd photo. I have to joke around to take photos of myself and a lot of times I go all kinds of toddlers and tiaras to loosen up…I thought it was funny and I didn't have a good photo with my eye closed to see the shadows so I thought I'd throw it in for you guys 😉


Fotd 7/28/12

Work day agaaaain. This weekend you’ll get two of these…aren’t you lucky? For the most part this is similar to last weekend… I tend to not change around my face too too much but mess around with the eyes. How about you? So let’s get crack’n!


Primed with stila one step correct
On the face we have benefit oxygen wow! In “I’m pure for sure ivory”
Concealer in maybelline age rewind in fair and MAC select moisture coverage in nc15
Highlighter in MAC MSF in lightscapade [duh]
Blush in MACpinch o’peach
Eyeshadows MAC scant and satin taupe and a deported Mac that I can’t figure out the name of…put that on the to do list
Eyeliner in maybelline lash stiletto in black
And for mascara I did tarte ready set lashes in black
Lip color KatVonD Lolita
Finished it all off with some translucent powder [ can’t remember which one- that’s a problem] and urban decay dew me setting spray.


This is kind of my “go to” can you tell? A little pinup and kind of summer fresh. And you can forever find me with some sort of soft waves in my hair and a flower….hair flowers are one of my favorite parts of summer. They just kind of boost my spirits.

Do you have a summer go to look or must have? Leave a comment so I can check it out too!


Getting to knooow meee…

I thought it would be a little fun to let you guys know a bit about me “beauty”-wise: things I like/dislike, skin type etc…so let’s get to it!


  1. Eye color: green! Though depending on the light/what I’m wearing sometimes they lean more blue or golden
  2. Hair color/type: I have long dark blonde/light brown curly hair….however I never wear it curly..curl patterns are all over the place.
  3. Skin type: I would say dry/combo. Summer it gets oily spots and winter it can get so dry it can crack [generally happens when I go snow boarding a lot… makes for a bit of ashy,dry skin]
  4. Fav lotion: sucker for bath and body work and bliss…smell so yummy…
  5. Fav nail varnish: I love nudes and corals…random I know. I also love the Sally Hansen salon effects nail strips…for I am a lazy goose sometimes…
  6. Height: 5’3
  7. Shoe: 5.5-6 US
  8. Lefty or righty: lefty! Mad love for my fellow southpaws
  9. Zodiac: Leo! My birthday was Wednesday 7/25!
  10. Do you wear corrective lenses: yup…blind as a bat
  11. Favorite color make up to wear: definitely purple! Makes the green in my eyes pop really nice.
  12. Favorite make up styling: pin-up…pretty sure I should have been around in the 50’s
  13. Favorite foundation: currently loving the oxygen wow!by benefit but I do love make up forever hd liquid foundation.
  14. Favorite blushers: I enjoy any peachy shade really…not sure why but they seem to work for me
  15. Lip color: red super classic or a bright pink…when not as daring
  16. Favv lip scrub? Lush mint julip! Works really well and taste delicious…and the fact that it’s natural enough to eat is always a plus…
  17. Fav type of mascara: I’m very picky with mascara….I always want fullness and not too much length. I always seem to find my was back to tarte lights camera lashes…the brush isn’t obnoxious [why do all the brushes seem so big these days?] and they formula isn’t too wet…I can’t handle wet formulas….always a hot mess
  18. Lashes? I love my falsies natural. I have naturally long lashes I just look for a pick me up. I’m also a MASSIVE fan of corner lashes.
  19. Fave type of eyeliner: always between gel and liquid…always going through phases…I like pencil generally just for smudging smokey eyes or super natural days…waterline…etc.
  20. Brushes: I’ve found some really awesome cheap brushes in elf and Sonja kashuk but I prefer to keep my cheaper brushes reserved for ones you need multiples for like eyeliner and blending… I tend to go a little more costly for foundation and face brushes…for that I have a mix of Mac and sephora. Though I did just buy a set of real techniques that I can’t wait to give a whirl.

So that’s all I could think about for now…do you have anything more you can think of that would be helpful in getting to knows bit more about me? Let me know I’d love to share! And feel free to answer the questions too- it would be fun to get to known you ladies too!

…should have some fotd’s this weekend [workworkwork] but until then…


Fotd July 21,2012

I thought I’d share with you guys my face of the day for work! Fun right? Maybe??! Whatever I’m doing it anyway


Let’s see what are we doing…
nails I have on butter London iiiiin black knight [me thinks I picked it because EVERYONE was going to see the new batman and I was not…#sadgeek]
Primed with stila one step correct
On the face we have benefit oxygen wow! In “I’m pure for sure ivory” [witty, they are…]
Concealer in Magiclumi light and MAC select moisture coverage in nc15
Highlighter in MAC MSF in lightscapade [duh]
Blush in bare minerals laughter
Eyeshadows MAC scant and satin taupe [previous holiday set so I don’t think scant is available anymore…]
Eyeliner in maybelline lash stiletto in black and MAC super slick liquid eyeliner in pure show
And for mascara I did tarte ready set lashes in black
Lip color I didn’t have on in the photo because it was in my purse! Ugh but I went for tarte lipsurgence in fiery.
Finished it all off with some translucent powder [ can’t remember which one- that’s a problem] and urban decay dew me setting spray.
Damn. That’s a lot…

Because of the massive rain we had in the MD I put my hair in a massive bun and kept it roll’n…not to mention the fact that I over slept by nearly 45 minutes…keep it simple and get there on time…
Musical influences today. Sure let’s add those on while we’re at it [gotta get hype when it’s raining out and you have to go to work-boo] I went with a lot of Girl Talk on pandora.
Hope you all had a lovely Saturday and didn’t have the crazy weather [ and work day!] I had.


…something new

I have a confession to make.


I’ve never purchased nor used a face high lighter in all the time I’ve been wearing make-up. I’ve always wanted to and always looked at them but never took the plunge to actually spending money on them. I’m not sure why I guess I figured they were just an extra step in the process…kind of like bronzer but that’s a different story for a different day. I feel as though a lot of people feel the way I do about certain products. I mean, how many people do you know have an eyeshadow trio and only use one color because they don’t know how the other two fit in? Then again I may just be talking around it to make myselffeel better about my short coming, but I digress.

Long story long- I finally did it. I bought a highlighter. We were in the MAC store this past Saturday [procrastinate much on writing?] and I just happened to stumble upon the Heavenly Creature collection. Generally baked cosmetics and mineralized skinfinishes don’t catch my eye…but one of the sales associates had the most ethereal glow about her. So much so that I had to ask what she had going on. Come to fine out that it was this lovely specimen of a product that pretty much gave her cheeks, browbone, and nose the most lovely sheen. Next thing I knew- lightscapade was my very own. It’s the most beautiful mix of a nude, pink and blue that makes for crisp highlighting neutral. Not too gold and not too pink- well at least in my opinion. I’m still in the “getting to know you” phase with it…kind of like when you try and write with theopposite hand for the first time and know it looks off buyou keep trying anyway…I’ll also let you know how we get along.

Do you have any products that make you feel the same way? What did you do to overcome  your curiosity and finally try it? Let me know!




This is what about 4:40 pm looks like for me about twice a week. I’m already tired because my job is pretty manual [hey…I do drive a forklift sometimes] and at about 4:40 on these days …. I have to get myself together and do my make up for job número dos. There have been a lot of questions that have come up both with family and at work

“why do you need a second job?”
“why do you have to get made up?”

“why don’t you wear make up for your fulltime job?”

Sometimes…sometimes…I just want to say “whats it to ya??!” but I know better. All I can say about that is A) sometimes you just need a little extra pocket change B) because it’s a cosmetics environment that holds requirements as to how you need to look and C) besides tinted moisturizer my job is very manual [think…storage] and it would be slightly ridiculous for me to come out with full on face to work. Had I started out working here like that ok sure…but I didn’t. So I don’t. Besides your face needs a time to breather. Either way…this is the life I lead.

This weekend I have lucked out! I’m off Friday night and babysitting [boo] and Saturday…so we’re going shopping in DC…it’ll be my first trip to Henri Bendel- not excited at all [jumping out of my skivvies]. Sunday I work early, we have a meeting at 8 am EIGHT AM…grumblez but at least I get out by 5pm. THEN…the fun part! I’m off BOTH JOBS Monday and Tuesday due to system updates…and I’ve been put off of my other job until Saturday. I’m not sure what to do with my free time…maybe blog? Play with my make up? Tea party???!

More than likely I’ll be doing yardwork…and I’m ok with that. Hopefully it won’t be hot as balls [ we’ve been averaging between 85 and 105 degrees as of late]. What will you be doing this weekend?

…she said look ma no haaands

Soooo….storytime/confession time. I do not like conventional exercise. Never really have…I’ve always relied on sports and dance…swimming to keep up with my body. I’ve tried and tried to love gyms and running and let’s be real I don’t like them. I’d rather play a sport {contact or singular} then lift weights, run, or do sit-ups. That being said, I’ve always looked for alternative ways to keep in shape and keep it interesting. Since I was a wee one I did some form of dance- so much so I was in feeder schools for national ballet…then I started branching out into sports. First lacrosse to get in touch with my roots {read full-blooded Native American}. At that point I realized that after I’d hit puberty ballet wasn’t working out like it used to {damn those hips and chest…damn them} so I moved on and was more sporty.

When I arrived at college I dropped lacrosse and went back to dance for two reasons: 1) no lacrosse team at my university 2) insanely scared of the freshman 15. So I rekindled my passion for ballet, had great teachers, and my muscle memory was like THAT. Somewhere in there I decided not to go back to that school and transferred…still dancing every year until I graduated. But I missed the competitive sports side I’d had…here comes rugby. Rugby became my life. I was in the best shape I’d been in YEARS and I got to hit people? That went on for 4ish years until I lost my insurance because my job wouldn’t hire me full-time {blahblahblah}

Then…it happened. All this weight I’d never had before happened. Ugh.

Fast forward to now…roughly 6 years later {I think…what is time anyway}. I started trying new and different things to see what I liked again…to try and find just something. First it was yoga which was ok, then Bikram yoga (aka hot as hell yoga) that was really good too…but they were both so costly. I tried walking and running and even jump roping…and I just couldn’t get into any of it. Then one day I was perusing my emails which led me to  browse livingsocial with my friend and they had half-price at xpose fitness. That’s right…I started exercising at the pole and exotic dance place. We primarily did sexy stretch and floor/chair because those are just like a mix of palates, yoga, and hairflips. But about a week ago, we decided it was time to try pole. I tell you what, I give strippers mad props now. I think that’s the best upper body and ab workout I’ve had since I stopped playing rugby. I hadn’t felt that strong and empowered for a long time. I just felt like I walked different for a few days after the fact. It was, indeed, a lovely sexy feeling.

I guess the moral I’m trying to get to is that sometimes conventional methods of exercise and losing weight aren’t your bag. Try try everything at least once. As you get older things change, and sometimes you just have to shake it up.

Have any of you tried anything out of the norm for fitness lately? or am I the only wackadoo 😉