…she said look ma no haaands

Soooo….storytime/confession time. I do not like conventional exercise. Never really have…I’ve always relied on sports and dance…swimming to keep up with my body. I’ve tried and tried to love gyms and running and let’s be real I don’t like them. I’d rather play a sport {contact or singular} then lift weights, run, or do sit-ups. That being said, I’ve always looked for alternative ways to keep in shape and keep it interesting. Since I was a wee one I did some form of dance- so much so I was in feeder schools for national ballet…then I started branching out into sports. First lacrosse to get in touch with my roots {read full-blooded Native American}. At that point I realized that after I’d hit puberty ballet wasn’t working out like it used to {damn those hips and chest…damn them} so I moved on and was more sporty.

When I arrived at college I dropped lacrosse and went back to dance for two reasons: 1) no lacrosse team at my university 2) insanely scared of the freshman 15. So I rekindled my passion for ballet, had great teachers, and my muscle memory was like THAT. Somewhere in there I decided not to go back to that school and transferred…still dancing every year until I graduated. But I missed the competitive sports side I’d had…here comes rugby. Rugby became my life. I was in the best shape I’d been in YEARS and I got to hit people? sign.me.up. That went on for 4ish years until I lost my insurance because my job wouldn’t hire me full-time {blahblahblah}

Then…it happened. All this weight I’d never had before happened. Ugh.

Fast forward to now…roughly 6 years later {I think…what is time anyway}. I started trying new and different things to see what I liked again…to try and find just something. First it was yoga which was ok, then Bikram yoga (aka hot as hell yoga) that was really good too…but they were both so costly. I tried walking and running and even jump roping…and I just couldn’t get into any of it. Then one day I was perusing my emails which led me toΒ  browse livingsocial with my friend and they had half-price at xpose fitness. That’s right…I started exercising at the pole and exotic dance place. We primarily did sexy stretch and floor/chair because those are just like a mix of palates, yoga, and hairflips. But about a week ago, we decided it was time to try pole. I tell you what, I give strippers mad props now. I think that’s the best upper body and ab workout I’ve had since I stopped playing rugby. I hadn’t felt that strong and empowered for a long time. I just felt like I walked different for a few days after the fact. It was, indeed, a lovely sexy feeling.

I guess the moral I’m trying to get to is that sometimes conventional methods of exercise and losing weight aren’t your bag. Try try everything at least once. As you get older things change, and sometimes you just have to shake it up.

Have any of you tried anything out of the norm for fitness lately? or am I the only wackadoo πŸ˜‰


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