This is what about 4:40 pm looks like for me about twice a week. I’m already tired because my job is pretty manual [hey…I do drive a forklift sometimes] and at about 4:40 on these days …. I have to get myself together and do my make up for job número dos. There have been a lot of questions that have come up both with family and at work

“why do you need a second job?”
“why do you have to get made up?”

“why don’t you wear make up for your fulltime job?”

Sometimes…sometimes…I just want to say “whats it to ya??!” but I know better. All I can say about that is A) sometimes you just need a little extra pocket change B) because it’s a cosmetics environment that holds requirements as to how you need to look and C) besides tinted moisturizer my job is very manual [think…storage] and it would be slightly ridiculous for me to come out with full on face to work. Had I started out working here like that ok sure…but I didn’t. So I don’t. Besides your face needs a time to breather. Either way…this is the life I lead.

This weekend I have lucked out! I’m off Friday night and babysitting [boo] and Saturday…so we’re going shopping in DC…it’ll be my first trip to Henri Bendel- not excited at all [jumping out of my skivvies]. Sunday I work early, we have a meeting at 8 am EIGHT AM…grumblez but at least I get out by 5pm. THEN…the fun part! I’m off BOTH JOBS Monday and Tuesday due to system updates…and I’ve been put off of my other job until Saturday. I’m not sure what to do with my free time…maybe blog? Play with my make up? Tea party???!

More than likely I’ll be doing yardwork…and I’m ok with that. Hopefully it won’t be hot as balls [ we’ve been averaging between 85 and 105 degrees as of late]. What will you be doing this weekend?


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