Getting to knooow meee…

I thought it would be a little fun to let you guys know a bit about me “beauty”-wise: things I like/dislike, skin type etc…so let’s get to it!


  1. Eye color: green! Though depending on the light/what I’m wearing sometimes they lean more blue or golden
  2. Hair color/type: I have long dark blonde/light brown curly hair….however I never wear it curly..curl patterns are all over the place.
  3. Skin type: I would say dry/combo. Summer it gets oily spots and winter it can get so dry it can crack [generally happens when I go snow boarding a lot… makes for a bit of ashy,dry skin]
  4. Fav lotion: sucker for bath and body work and bliss…smell so yummy…
  5. Fav nail varnish: I love nudes and corals…random I know. I also love the Sally Hansen salon effects nail strips…for I am a lazy goose sometimes…
  6. Height: 5’3
  7. Shoe: 5.5-6 US
  8. Lefty or righty: lefty! Mad love for my fellow southpaws
  9. Zodiac: Leo! My birthday was Wednesday 7/25!
  10. Do you wear corrective lenses: yup…blind as a bat
  11. Favorite color make up to wear: definitely purple! Makes the green in my eyes pop really nice.
  12. Favorite make up styling: pin-up…pretty sure I should have been around in the 50’s
  13. Favorite foundation: currently loving the oxygen wow!by benefit but I do love make up forever hd liquid foundation.
  14. Favorite blushers: I enjoy any peachy shade really…not sure why but they seem to work for me
  15. Lip color: red super classic or a bright pink…when not as daring
  16. Favv lip scrub? Lush mint julip! Works really well and taste delicious…and the fact that it’s natural enough to eat is always a plus…
  17. Fav type of mascara: I’m very picky with mascara….I always want fullness and not too much length. I always seem to find my was back to tarte lights camera lashes…the brush isn’t obnoxious [why do all the brushes seem so big these days?] and they formula isn’t too wet…I can’t handle wet formulas….always a hot mess
  18. Lashes? I love my falsies natural. I have naturally long lashes I just look for a pick me up. I’m also a MASSIVE fan of corner lashes.
  19. Fave type of eyeliner: always between gel and liquid…always going through phases…I like pencil generally just for smudging smokey eyes or super natural days…waterline…etc.
  20. Brushes: I’ve found some really awesome cheap brushes in elf and Sonja kashuk but I prefer to keep my cheaper brushes reserved for ones you need multiples for like eyeliner and blending… I tend to go a little more costly for foundation and face brushes…for that I have a mix of Mac and sephora. Though I did just buy a set of real techniques that I can’t wait to give a whirl.

So that’s all I could think about for now…do you have anything more you can think of that would be helpful in getting to knows bit more about me? Let me know I’d love to share! And feel free to answer the questions too- it would be fun to get to known you ladies too!

…should have some fotd’s this weekend [workworkwork] but until then…



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