Fake lashes and rainy days…

This morning kind of went well…then sucked…then was fine again. I woke up and threw some hot rollers in my hair to do a retro look…nice thick wing with neutral eyes and corner false lashes. I had voluminous, borderline pageant girl curls and was ready for work. I mean heck the sun was saying hello and everything. I walk out side and it was raining. Not just sprinkles but raining.Instant hair drop and frizzies. I got it together for work but not after I ran inside for a hair tie and a quick bun to try and salvage my hard work. But the day picked up and everyone was asking about my lashes and liner so I figured- even with super clean out purge face- I would give you ladies a lookie loo.


For the face things went a little different then…
Primer- stila one step correct

Foundation- tarte maracuja miracle foundation in fair

Concealer- maybelline instant age rewind in 02 light and MAC select moisture cover in NC15

Blush- MAC pink swoon

Bronze/contour- MAC harmony

Lip- tarte matte lipsurgence in fiery

Brows- maybelline define a brow in light blonde

Eye primer- benefit creame shadow in RSVP

Eyeshadow- stila mini palette in fierce sage…I kind of pulled this one out of the back of the drawer…glad I did

Eyeliner- loreal HIP color truth cream eyeliner in 905 black

Mascara- Laura Mercier

False half lash- japonesque… Couldn’t tell you the type because i lost the box ages ago…

Again…it still amazes me how much stuff can go into what seems to be a simple look. And guys still don’t understand why it takes so long for us ladies to get ready. I mean I think I made good time on this one…hair included it was all of 45 minutes at the most? Maybe less. And can Ijust add how strange it is to see my contact lenses in the eye close-ups? Never noticed it before…who knew.
Any who…hope you all had a wonderful weekend and I’ll be talking to you all soon!


Train your mane

This post is a long one…bare with me…


There are many things we wish we could control in life. Your boyfriend, your dog, and dare I add in there…your hair??!! Of the three the hair is something we actually have some control over. For the longest time, I felt as though I had been given a rotten egg when my DNA chain aligned. I have big, frizzy, poofy hair. When it’s wet it looks all nice and curly but as it dries it shrinks up into kinks and curls of varying curl patterns. I got made fun of…I got picked on. It was bad news bears…until my mom paid to get my hair chemically done. And it was lovely for a while but the upkeep for perming and straightening your hair can a) be damaging and b) be costly. So as I got older (mind you she paid for it when I was between 12 and 18 not like…when I had a job and money) I tried to stretch out the longevity of these treatments…and realized I could get similar results doing it myself.

So I figured that I could break this down into a couple post for you guys as kind of…how I handle my hair and keep styles longer.

Cool? cool.

First things first- you have to train it. And by training it I mean that you can get nicer longer styles by not washing your hair as often. Now…BEFORE you go off and say I’m a dirty b/ho/skank/whatever…I’m going to share this with you. I wash my hair maybe once a week. That’s once every 5-7 days. And I can hear you all now “my hairs too greasy for that, my hairs too fine” but trust me. It is possible. Maybe not 5-7 days possible…but possible.

First thing you need to realize is that the first week to a month are going to be ugly. You need to get over that…and there are some new friends out there that are here to help you. Cue- dry shampoo and if you don’t have the funds for that baby powder. Just something to soak up oils. You’ll also need headbands,clips, accessories to trick people from looking at your roots and realizing “oh that’s a nice flower”. And finally- you need to realize what kind of hair you have. Like- really realize. The products you’ve purchased on a whim or because your best friend said it did amazeball things to their hair may not be right for your hair. I know for a dang fact that there’s no way in hell I’ll ever have anything in my hair for thin hair or to add volume. Never. My sister bought a volumizing shampoo once because she liked the smell and I tried it not realizing it was for volume. I had to rewash my hair that night. So take some time and really assess your hair and your hairs needs.


As far as extending your wash you need to start out slow. Go one day with out washing for a week….aka every other day. the next week wash every three days and go on. Your hair will get used to it. It produces the oils in the fashion that is does because of the frequent washing. Once it realizes that it can lay off the oil production…it’ll relax. There’s also the matter of actively brushing your hair. A lot of people brush their hair at the top a little and then focus on the bottom because of tangles. By doing this you’re not distributing the oils down the shafts of the hair and it’s grease just sitting…in your roots.


It’s the third/forth week that can get ugly. This maaay be where you realize that you’re not willing to go more than 2 days without washing. Or you may realize that your hair is actually drier than you thought and you can go longer. All I can say from personal experience is when your scalp actually starts to ache- you’ve gone too far. I can also say that my hairdresser says I have some of the healthiest, non-split end, color treated hair he has dealt with- so I’m doing something right. Products are part of it but still. I attribute a lot of it to the less frequent washes.

Am I the only one out there that does this? AM I GROSS??!!

haha more to come…



Just a quick little late night update! Sadly no photos but…that’s ok. So! I have quite a few products to review, try out, and share with you lovely ladies! I had a couple questions that maybe you can help me out with…you know to sort out importance.
1- do you all like reviews? I was thinking of going over some foundation reviews and maybe a brush review with a few I picked up.
2- how about collections? Those are always touchy but I thought maybe I’d show my most reached for brushes, lipsticks, etc…
3- hair thingies? I love hair stuff

Or maybe it’ll just do all of the above…I just enjoy sharing so much!

So happy to have all of you as followers and being interested in my little corner on the Internet.

❤ xx

Review: MAC super slick liquid eyeliner

So today I wanted to talk about one of my recent eyeliner purchases. I had watched on YouTube and saw a couple blogs that featured liquid gold eyeliner. For the most part- gold is not my thing…but I kept seeing it and it grew on me. Next thing I knew I was debating between the MAC super slick liquid eyeliner in Pure Show (18.50 USD) and Urban Decays’ El Dorado (19 USD).

Seeing as the prices are so close, that wasn’t really an issue… the colors are even similarly described. They’re so close I swatches them in the same day and couldn’t tell the difference. The only reason I ended up with Pure Show was that I was already purchasing something at MAC (my highlighter) so I went for it.

Dare I say… Part of me actually regrets this purchase. And it’s all based off of personal preference. I love the color, as I said there is little difference between the two. The color is a little sheer at times but is definitely build-able. And I love that it dried so fast! Sometimes liquids take for.eve.er. It’s the brush. I’m not the biggest fan of this new felt tip applicator. Don’t get me wrong- I love the one with line stiletto. But this one has very little flex to it. On top of that, I have long lashes and the liner gets on those and makes my mascara look clumpy. I suppose I just tend to lean closer to brushes because it’s what I’m used to. Hell I’ve been doing liquid liner since I was 10 for ballet and I can safely say that I feel as though this is one of my least favorite wands. I’ll still use it up- I just wish I had El Dorado instead.

Have you tried any of these? How did you get along?

Happy feet!

First I wanted to start of with saying things have been going well with the clarisonic…so much so that my skin is in a lovely purging stage- and thusly no face of the day post this past weekend. I can be vain sometimes…we all are. Not to mention its coincided with the time I like chocolate and sad movies and my pants don’t fit right…
Hopefully next week we’ll be in a better place (fingers forever crossed)

moving on

So in my last post I wrote about how I found it hard to make time and justify spending money on mani’s and pedi’s… But that doesn’t mean I don’t pamper myself at home. Often times I do hand scrubs and face masks and now…foot things.

I should note that there are certain things that suck me in. For one cute packaging…for two- limited edition. Put the two together and next thing I knew I was purchasing Happy Feet at my local Lush! I mean look

All in all it included 4 generously sized products. The volcano foot mask (which is yummy), the stepping stone foot scrub (haven’t tried it yet but I’m excited), fair trade foot lotion (pepperminty and to DIE for…always love foot lotions) and the geo phyzz bath bomb (promoted for just feet buuuut I’m pretty sure you could use it as a regular bath bomb). What I love is that they all work well together and separately. I also like that the 2 potted products are included in the “bring 5 back and get a free fresh face mask”. You also get the wrap with feet on it- which is cute of course. This whole set retails at 24.95 USD which I find to be reasonable.


Do you have any Lush! Loves that I should check out?