Happy Friday eve!

Happy Friday eve! That sounds so much more festive then Thursday night doesn’t it? Maybe that’s just me. In general I feel as though my weeks get away from me. Something about having two jobs and a newly diabetic dog…there are just things that get neglected. I don’t pamper myself like I used to or get mani/pedi business. But,as I think you can guess, I’ve really been working towards getting my skin into decent condition. One thing that I believe people don’t rope in with skincare is brush cleaning. Your brushes are picking up the bacteria off of your face and then distributing the bacteria not just on your face (read:this is how you get pimples) but also back onto the product. So, with all that being said…I spot clean my brushes whenever they’re used and then I take the time on Thursday nights to do a deeper conditioning. That way they’re ready for the weekend! This also extends the life of the brushes because one of the main causes of brushes falling apart and getting patchy is because bacteria got into the ferrel and the hairs/bristles fell out. So gross! Also, for my powder products I tend to kind of wipe them off between uses. Call it overkill- but with sensitive skin I don’t want anymore blemishes nor do I want to risk getting anything in my eyes that can cause infections, styes, or the worst- pink eye. Is there anything you all do to “keep it clean” so to speak?


Dirty brushes…


Clean and drying!

With all that being said (not exactly know for being short winded…my b) I maybe I gave you ladies something to think about and you have a wonderful Friday!



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