Happy feet!

First I wanted to start of with saying things have been going well with the clarisonic…so much so that my skin is in a lovely purging stage- and thusly no face of the day post this past weekend. I can be vain sometimes…we all are. Not to mention its coincided with the time I like chocolate and sad movies and my pants don’t fit right…
Hopefully next week we’ll be in a better place (fingers forever crossed)

moving on

So in my last post I wrote about how I found it hard to make time and justify spending money on mani’s and pedi’s… But that doesn’t mean I don’t pamper myself at home. Often times I do hand scrubs and face masks and now…foot things.

I should note that there are certain things that suck me in. For one cute packaging…for two- limited edition. Put the two together and next thing I knew I was purchasing Happy Feet at my local Lush! I mean look

All in all it included 4 generously sized products. The volcano foot mask (which is yummy), the stepping stone foot scrub (haven’t tried it yet but I’m excited), fair trade foot lotion (pepperminty and to DIE for…always love foot lotions) and the geo phyzz bath bomb (promoted for just feet buuuut I’m pretty sure you could use it as a regular bath bomb). What I love is that they all work well together and separately. I also like that the 2 potted products are included in the “bring 5 back and get a free fresh face mask”. You also get the wrap with feet on it- which is cute of course. This whole set retails at 24.95 USD which I find to be reasonable.


Do you have any Lush! Loves that I should check out?


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