Review: MAC super slick liquid eyeliner

So today I wanted to talk about one of my recent eyeliner purchases. I had watched on YouTube and saw a couple blogs that featured liquid gold eyeliner. For the most part- gold is not my thing…but I kept seeing it and it grew on me. Next thing I knew I was debating between the MAC super slick liquid eyeliner in Pure Show (18.50 USD) and Urban Decays’ El Dorado (19 USD).

Seeing as the prices are so close, that wasn’t really an issue… the colors are even similarly described. They’re so close I swatches them in the same day and couldn’t tell the difference. The only reason I ended up with Pure Show was that I was already purchasing something at MAC (my highlighter) so I went for it.

Dare I say… Part of me actually regrets this purchase. And it’s all based off of personal preference. I love the color, as I said there is little difference between the two. The color is a little sheer at times but is definitely build-able. And I love that it dried so fast! Sometimes liquids take It’s the brush. I’m not the biggest fan of this new felt tip applicator. Don’t get me wrong- I love the one with line stiletto. But this one has very little flex to it. On top of that, I have long lashes and the liner gets on those and makes my mascara look clumpy. I suppose I just tend to lean closer to brushes because it’s what I’m used to. Hell I’ve been doing liquid liner since I was 10 for ballet and I can safely say that I feel as though this is one of my least favorite wands. I’ll still use it up- I just wish I had El Dorado instead.

Have you tried any of these? How did you get along?


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