Fake lashes and rainy days…

This morning kind of went well…then sucked…then was fine again. I woke up and threw some hot rollers in my hair to do a retro look…nice thick wing with neutral eyes and corner false lashes. I had voluminous, borderline pageant girl curls and was ready for work. I mean heck the sun was saying hello and everything. I walk out side and it was raining. Not just sprinkles but raining.Instant hair drop and frizzies. I got it together for work but not after I ran inside for a hair tie and a quick bun to try and salvage my hard work. But the day picked up and everyone was asking about my lashes and liner so I figured- even with super clean out purge face- I would give you ladies a lookie loo.


For the face things went a little different then…
Primer- stila one step correct

Foundation- tarte maracuja miracle foundation in fair

Concealer- maybelline instant age rewind in 02 light and MAC select moisture cover in NC15

Blush- MAC pink swoon

Bronze/contour- MAC harmony

Lip- tarte matte lipsurgence in fiery

Brows- maybelline define a brow in light blonde

Eye primer- benefit creame shadow in RSVP

Eyeshadow- stila mini palette in fierce sage…I kind of pulled this one out of the back of the drawer…glad I did

Eyeliner- loreal HIP color truth cream eyeliner in 905 black

Mascara- Laura Mercier

False half lash- japonesque… Couldn’t tell you the type because i lost the box ages ago…

Again…it still amazes me how much stuff can go into what seems to be a simple look. And guys still don’t understand why it takes so long for us ladies to get ready. I mean I think I made good time on this one…hair included it was all of 45 minutes at the most? Maybe less. And can Ijust add how strange it is to see my contact lenses in the eye close-ups? Never noticed it before…who knew.
Any who…hope you all had a wonderful weekend and I’ll be talking to you all soon!



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