So I’m in the market for an eye cream…I’ve test driven some buuuut nothing has wowed me…or they cost an arm and a leg. So I ask you lovelies….what kinds of eye cream are you loving on? I think this is mostly due to that fact that I’ve slowly been switching my skincare to anti-aging- which I’ve gotten a lot of side eye for. I, however, feel that you can never start too early with the anti-aging. I mean clearly my 29 year old self is doing something right to still be getting hit on by 19 year olds…just saying.

So! Leave a comment with what you’re using, what you like/dislike about it, heck leave one if you had a god awful experience with one too.
Inquiring minds need to know!


Review:Red lips…shake your hips!

So I have a little review for you all! Perhaps it’s the love of vintage and retro things…but I’m forever on the look out for new or different red lipsticks. In the past I tried out a lot of drugstore brands and…I’m not sure why but I was always turned off by them. Reds have and always (in my opinion) will be difficult lipsticks. They tend to be drying or transfer too much- this opinion goes across the board of both drugstore or high end.


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A little haul action

l-r: cuticle snips, a headband, pro powder brush, Kat Von D everlasting love liquid lipstick in outlaw, waterproof eyebrow pencil in nutmeg brown, tweezerman magnifying mirror and tweezer set

So I stopped into sephora the other day…truth be told I stop in too much (far too convenient) and I had tried out a lipstick and then tried it again…then just went ahead and bought it. So the point of the trip was just to get that. It’s never that simple is it? Low and behold here’s a little post of what I got and reviews of the ones that need reviewing should be coming soon (such as the lipstick and the eyebrow pencil). Of the 6 items purchased, I only paid full price for 2- the eyebrow pencil and lipstick. The rest were in a magical sale display I had never noticed before. I asked the cashier and she informed me that they just moved it from one spot in the store to another…needless to say- I’ll be trolling the area a little more. She said sometimes it even comes down to a change of packaging so they’ll have the same foundation for sale as on the display just different packaging. So I encourage you all to take a gander and even ask if your store has a sales section. Oh? You say you don’t have a store? They totally have a sale section online as well-don’t worry I checked.

Hope you’re all well and had a wonderful weekend!


A little imput from

In the months that I started this little blog I didn’t know what would come of it. what if I lost interest, got bored, I got severely bad mouthed and shamed into a dark hole of sadness. Loads of things crossed my mind, but in the end I just wanted to share my constantly growing and evolving love of makeup…sometimes clothes/fashion, and maybe a little bit about my life. And if what I’m doing helps someone half way across the world that thought they were the only one thinking something…I’ve accomplished something.

As premature as I feel this is in my gut, I’d still like to thank all of you for liking, commenting, and eventually following my little corner. Because of this I’m excited to log on and let you know what I’m up to and what you are as well. As a strong minded, do what I want type of person…I’ll still post what I want and delete anything where I see fit, but I wanted to take sometime and do a poll to see what you all like as well. I’ve tried just keeping up with my stats but they’re all pretty even.

So without much more rambling please vote!


Make up tips for foureyes

If I were to keep it real with you guys…I’m blind as a bat. I also wear glasses probably 80% of the time simply for convenience, laziness, and the nature of my full time job [library consortium=loads of dusty books]. All that being said…I rarely wear make up during the week. Don’t get me wrong- I love makeup but I also get dirty, sweaty, and dusty so it’s just not always practical in my eyes.
Sunday I panicked. I was finally feeling better and went off to my makeup job…but I still was runny eyes and runny nosed so the contact lenses were a no go. So I had to figure out how this blind bat could get eye make up to look presentable with my specs on as well as keep everything in place with all my drips and runny bits. So I thought I’d share some tips on how I got my face together barely able to see a thing…


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planning to plan…

Isn’t that just as good as planning to fail? I have a nice little list of blog post,ideas, etc just waiting for you ladies (and gents? I dunno…I’ll just keep going with it). The issue? Well the issue is that as hard as I try not to be all over the place- I am. I am a living Dori from Finding Nemo. This past week I got sick with a fever and was stuck at home. So I wrote out some post ideas, slept, complained, slept some more, wrote some more, drew a picture, cuddles with scrappy and elphie…etc. I hate being sick. So I know you’re thinking “well she was sick and she planned out some post which means we should have gotten a lot of goodies last week right?”

Nope. See…the issue when I’m sick is my nose is red and my skin goes apesh*t. and my eyes run. The photos I attempted looks like ass. Not gonna lie. Even the ones that were just swatches on my hand…terrible. And then the writing…oh GOD the writing…cough syrup with codeine is a terrible terrible thing to decide to write post with.

SO- the post are coming, new pictures are coming and hopefully you all will enjoy them as much as I did putting them together in my downtime.

And because you’re all so very sweet…here’s a hint as to what my next post will be about…


When in doubt…smoke it out


Sometimes it’s easy to be natural with neutral tones…but believe me when I say…it’s just as easy to achieve a smoky eye. I think this may have taken 25-30 minutes but that’s because I added some other colors for dimension. Also it doesn’t always have to be black! Maybe it’s the green eyes talking….but purple is where it’s at.

for the face I went with my standards…Benefit Oxygen wow! Foundation in ivory,Maybelline instant age rewind in fair, MAC blush in pinch o’peach, Tarte miracle maracuja concealer in fair, and MAC meneralized skin finish in Lightscapade

MAC eyeshadow in digit, sephora eyeshadow in chrome no.2 (discontinued I think…), MAC eyeshadow in carbon (black shade in the bottom right corner), Sephora crayon jumbo 12H wear in 14 violet, maybelline master drama liner in black, maybelline define a brow in light blonde, theBalm schwing liquid liner in black, maybelline lash discovery waterproof in black, aaaand finally Laura Mercier mascara in black

I know I know…it seems like a lot of products but it really is a quick look. The sephora jumbo crayon helps with staying power as well as color vibrancy. I’m actually testing a few different eyeshadow pencils to compare for you guys soon and, needless to say, that’s one of them.

As always if there are any products listed you’d like to know more about or would like a review please feel free to leave it in the comments below! Or…you could tweet me at @audreyrose83

Much love!

Quick and easy side bun

Just wanted to share quickly how I’ve been doing my hair recently! It takes seconds and looks super pulled together. Super quick and super pretty!


And also…I chopped off three inches of hair and it doesn’t look any different…just nicer ends. #longhairfail


Do you have a fun simple go-to hairstyle that looks like it took more time than it did? Let me know!