August favorites!


I thought I’d share with you ladies some of my favorite things this month…not sure if it’ll be a monthly thing but I sure do enjoy when people post their monthly favs on their blogs and YouTube so I figured why the heck not.

[from left to right]
Clinique acne solutions spot healing gel: all I can say is my clarisonic gave me a run for my money in our first month of use…my skin never had cystic acne but I definitely had some moments this month and this stuff really helped me out. It’s a sample size but more than enough for me. Also- just a note- I always applied with a q-tip. Try too keep the bacteria on my face as low as possible.

Kate Summerville exfolikate: loved this both before and even more now. It’s a gentle exfoliant that also has an acid in it for a treatment on the skin. So you massage for 30-45 seconds and then let it sit for a few minutes and wash it off…feels so nice and non-irritating.

Beauty blender: I love this sponge. It gives such a flawless finish and it’s fast coverage…this is for those days that lack get up and go…it’s pretty much idiot proof for foundation.

Clarisonic: enough said. Love it. We had a rough [and I do mean rough ] start but the place my skin is getting to is thanks to this device. My cleanser just seems to do an even better job now.

Maybelline line stiletto in black: it’s just a nice easy black liquid liner. I’ve gotten my friends to try it who always liked the look of liquid liner but always felt they lacked the ability to achieve the look…now they love it and are more confident. I’d say that’s a winner.

Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen wow! Foundation: it’s light, buildable, and delivers excellent coverage…I also like the airtight packaging and how little you really need to get medium coverage.

Maybelline age rewind under eye concealer in 02: only complaint is that I don’t like packaging with the brush attached…I feel like that’s a breeding ground for stuff…but the product is nice and light and really brightens up the eye area for me.

Laura Mercier false lash mascara: this stuffs fantastic. It’s a bristle brush which I like and one sides like of short bristles and the other long…with a flick of the wand it lengthens and volumizes. The formula is thin but buildable and doesn’t look spidery at all. I loves it.

Wet’n’wild eyeshadows: this is an “in general” I remember when I was little wet’n’wild was just a cheap, not very pigmented, chalky makeup. Now it’s highly pigmented and silky smooth. And their color combinations are well put together.

MAC pinch o peach: I’ve just always been a fan of this blush. It tends to go with my. Undertones the best and doesn’t look motley. It’s just very natural and buildable. It just gives a nice glow without looking like “hey! I’m wearing blush!” subtle- that’s the word.

Well those are my favorites…I guess the word of the month is “buildable” [cue Peewee Herman’s playhouse freak out everytime you read it…] and we shall see where the next favorites post brings us!



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