Umm…for the lips


There are way to many products out there with blushable names…

Deep throat
And now Dr.Lipp original nipple balm for the lips. The stuff is good… 100% natural and hypoallergenic which is always a plus for those…delicate places. It can be used on the lips, nipples, elbows, cuticles- just about anywhere that needs a little help. I’ll vouch that it’s long lasting but the claims of odor and tasteless I wouldn’t stand by. Ingredients? Medical grade lanolin. That’s it. I like that it’s in a tube (I HATE dipping my finger in pots) and its relatively small. However I’m not sure I’d repurchase with it being 14.50 USD… But it does feel nice. We’ll just have to see how long it last/if I can stick with one product at a time (I can’t). I foresee this one next to the night stand/ next to my sink for after my lip scrub and/or before bed.



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