Down the rabbit hole with EOS lip balms


The company EOS [evolution of smooth] have come out with yet another lovely product. Not that it’s new but it sure is cute! I’m not sure if this is a “USA only” type of product or if it’s sold overseas [do let me know!] but they’re a company that tries to be as close to 100 percent natural and organic as possible. I believe this one in particular is 100% natural and 95% organic- which in my humble opinion is awesome. Even with my love of products and makeup, I attempt to look for natural when possible.


What cute names and packaging!!!

Anywho- I’m rambling. As stated before I will admit that sometimes [most times] I’m a sucker for packaging. Also the price point was relatively inexpensive at 7.99 USD [they normally run about 3.29 for a single balm]. Mix those qualities with one of my all time favorite Disney cartoons and I was counting down the days until it was at Target. These balms are smooth, somewhat ergonomical in shape, and from previous ones I’ve had smell divine. I’m going to wait and open these until necessary.


[this is one I’m already using in”summer fruit” so you could get an idea of what the product looks like]

just thought I’d let you ladies know about this fun little product and hopefully you’re able to get your mitts on some!

Xx Audrey


11 thoughts on “Down the rabbit hole with EOS lip balms

  1. Buy Buddha Balm and you will discover amazing flavor and an all around better product. EOS just doesn’t work as well as most, especially Buddha Balm.

      • Oh man where to begin! YouTube has made me want to see what the hype is around rimmel wake me up foundation…and I don’t even really like dewy finishes…and bourjois products. I want to say we had bourjois in the US before but not anymore…and rimmel is a bit more limited. Oh and probably bioderma. I think you can get that in Canada but not US.

        How about you?

  2. I’ve never tried the Rimmel foundation, but I love Bourjois! I think the EOS lip balms you mentioned are one of the most talked about American products I can think of, but I’m sure there are plenty more! Also, we don’t have Sephora stores any more and would love to have them back!

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