planning to plan…

Isn’t that just as good as planning to fail? I have a nice little list of blog post,ideas, etc just waiting for you ladies (and gents? I dunno…I’ll just keep going with it). The issue? Well the issue is that as hard as I try not to be all over the place- I am. I am a living Dori from Finding Nemo. This past week I got sick with a fever and was stuck at home. So I wrote out some post ideas, slept, complained, slept some more, wrote some more, drew a picture, cuddles with scrappy and elphie…etc. I hate being sick. So I know you’re thinking “well she was sick and she planned out some post which means we should have gotten a lot of goodies last week right?”

Nope. See…the issue when I’m sick is my nose is red and my skin goes apesh*t. and my eyes run. The photos I attempted looks like ass. Not gonna lie. Even the ones that were just swatches on my hand…terrible. And then the writing…oh GOD the writing…cough syrup with codeine is a terrible terrible thing to decide to write post with.

SO- the post are coming, new pictures are coming and hopefully you all will enjoy them as much as I did putting them together in my downtime.

And because you’re all so very sweet…here’s a hint as to what my next post will be about…



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