Make up tips for foureyes

If I were to keep it real with you guys…I’m blind as a bat. I also wear glasses probably 80% of the time simply for convenience, laziness, and the nature of my full time job [library consortium=loads of dusty books]. All that being said…I rarely wear make up during the week. Don’t get me wrong- I love makeup but I also get dirty, sweaty, and dusty so it’s just not always practical in my eyes.
Sunday I panicked. I was finally feeling better and went off to my makeup job…but I still was runny eyes and runny nosed so the contact lenses were a no go. So I had to figure out how this blind bat could get eye make up to look presentable with my specs on as well as keep everything in place with all my drips and runny bits. So I thought I’d share some tips on how I got my face together barely able to see a thing…


1- magnifying mirrors are your best friend…things that aren’t? Long handled brushes. I couldn’t tell you how may times I felt like “if I could only get closer…” and tried and hit myself in the face with a brush. Travel brushes are key.
2- neutral colors are easy colors. This is not to say you can’t rock your bright blues…but just. Be aware. Also be aware of shimmers and glitters. Your prescription will draw more attention to your eyes already- just be aware.
3- highlight your under eye area more then usual. You now have extra shadows cast on your face, mostly in the under eye area…so by highlighting it more you’re taking away from the shadows. This is also a great time to line your waterline with a flesh tone color to add more highlight to the eye. I prefer to not line the lower lash line with shadow or liner when I’m wearing glasses because I want to open up the area.
4- curl your lashes. If you don’t do anything curl your lashes. Mine are rather long and if I out mascara on with glasses and don’t curl…I hear them hitting my lenses all day. Super annoying.
5- liquid liner…I tried it out this time but I think pencil or gel would have been a better idea. I mean look at the liner on the last photo…and I thought I was doing well. At least with pencil/gel you can smudge them if they go wonky…black liquid liner- not as forgiving.
6- don’t listen to people who say not to use liquid foundation because it will smear. Set everything with powder and you’ll be fine. And keep your powder with you. You will have something moving around on your face all day so a little extra help can’t hurt. Setting sprays are also very awesome with glasses- just remember to take them off prior to spraying [rookie mistake].
6.5- Also when I wear glasses I tend to use a damp sponge to apply my foundation instead of a brush…it’s just easier to blend and you’re less likely to end up with brush marks from not blending enough. I like to be as idiot/clown makeup proof as possible.
7- add your pop of color on your lips or cheeks. Because why not? I also avoid putting blusher on the apples of my cheeks when wearing glasses…I put it closer to my contour because it slims and balances out the face better- at least for my round face.
8- be mindful of your eyebrows. Eyebrows tend to frame the face…now your frames frame your face. If they go on too heavy it can look harsh and over done. Just make sure you keep a light hand while still shaping them up [note to self: trim, pluck, and shape up eyebrows soon]
9- ask a friend if you look jacked up. You never know…and if they’re a good friend they’ll clue you in.
10- as annoying as it is keep going back and forth checking your “work in progress”. It may seem tedious but it’s easier to check with each step then to do a couple and realize…it’s not a good look.

Hopefully my bespectacled friends find this little post useful…and if you just like to dress up with frames? Maybe you learned something too. It, just like most makeup looks, takes practice.



side note: all of these photos were taken 8hours after application to kind of show that the foundation/eye makeup kept itself together even with runny eyes, nose and constant rubbing/blowing/patting dry


4 thoughts on “Make up tips for foureyes

  1. When I don’t want to do full face, my best friend is my Sephora beige eye pencil. I highlight my brow bone and just dab in the corners of my eyes. Then I apply mascara. I wear glasses, too. The beige brings them forward.

    • Oh if only I could get away with that on my part time job. At my full time I go for tinted moisturizer and some highlight…but the pt-since it’s selling makeup- has to be a bit more. Crazy but true. I do have that sephora color and loooove it…benefits’ high brow is good too.

      Thanks for commenting!

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