A little imput from

In the months that I started this little blog I didn’t know what would come of it. what if I lost interest, got bored, I got severely bad mouthed and shamed into a dark hole of sadness. Loads of things crossed my mind, but in the end I just wanted to share my constantly growing and evolving love of makeup…sometimes clothes/fashion, and maybe a little bit about my life. And if what I’m doing helps someone half way across the world that thought they were the only one thinking something…I’ve accomplished something.

As premature as I feel this is in my gut, I’d still like to thank all of you for liking, commenting, and eventually following my little corner. Because of this I’m excited to log on and let you know what I’m up to and what you are as well. As a strong minded, do what I want type of person…I’ll still post what I want and delete anything where I see fit, but I wanted to take sometime and do a poll to see what you all like as well. I’ve tried just keeping up with my stats but they’re all pretty even.

So without much more rambling please vote!



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