Review:Red lips…shake your hips!

So I have a little review for you all! Perhaps it’s the love of vintage and retro things…but I’m forever on the look out for new or different red lipsticks. In the past I tried out a lot of drugstore brands and…I’m not sure why but I was always turned off by them. Reds have and always (in my opinion) will be difficult lipsticks. They tend to be drying or transfer too much- this opinion goes across the board of both drugstore or high end.


But it’s that feeling when you buy a good one…you can’t tell me nothing. Well that is until it ends up on your teeth…or smudged around your mouth. The Kat Von D everlasting love liquid lipstick was kind of a wildcard for me- but I do enjoy it! I went in Sephora a couple weeks ago on a mission to try things out on my own- sometimes I don’t like help I just need to touch and feel things. Well I was looking at the new Too Faced lipsticks and they weren’t doing it for me. The display next to it was Kat Von D and I thought to myself “Kat wears reds a lot…and I enjoy my Lolita mauvy-nude shade by her…what’s the harm in looking?” So.many.reds. And pretty too! One of the associates was kind of hanging out near me (slow day) so I asked and she said it was a nice long lasting liquid lipstick. I wasn’t even looking at the everlasting I was looking at a traditional lipstick. So I put the red tone outlaw on and immediately felt like half a million bucks. It lined my lips well and precisely- as if I used a lip liner. It went on evenly and dried down matte. I will note that when it dries, it takes on a deeper red tone but that just made me love it more.

But how would it hold up through out the day? It does. I put it on around 1pm and it was still there around midnight. I will say that there is a little bit of transfer…but I at a salad with an oily dressing so that’s something to take into consideration. And it did get a smidge dry…but I added a little lip balm and it was comfortable again. The thing I like was that it didn’t pill on my lips…you know the crusty lips-not cute. This tends to happen with my ruby woo and makes me sad.

Bottom line I find this to be a pretty decent product. It dries down and stays put but not too put. It looks nice with MACs spring bean gloss (the green glitter gloss makes any red pop). It still has the issues of most matte/red lipsticks where it hits that uncomfortable point of dryness but not as much as most reds/mattes. that issues easily remedied with a balm. The fact that it’s liquid with a doe foot applicator makes it easy to get into lines and eliminates the need for a lip liner or a lipstick brush. However, since it is a liquid there is room for feathering…but if you clean your edges quickly…shouldn’t have an issue. I will throw this in, with any red lipstick exfoliate and hydrate well before applying. You’ll thank me later. It also is easily removed with either makeup remover or cleansing water without scrubbing and hurting. always a plus in my book. At a price of 19 dollars its not cheap, however it’s almost a “one and done” type product so it will last a while.

Hope you enjoyed my review and please comment/leave any questions you have below!


3 thoughts on “Review:Red lips…shake your hips!

    • I haven’t! Are they newer? I think I was actually upset that way because on the way out I saw this mini set up with OCC lip tars. Sephora stuff can really be good or a real miss- I’ll keep my eye out for’m.

      And thank you! I still have my first cabbage patch kid (Athena) and my first carebear as well. Call me a kid of the 80’s 😉

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