American gothic nails and Godiva


I’ve had a rough day? Week(s)? Months??! Oye. Things in life haven’t been adding up the best. And I’ve noticed that I tend to lean to a place I never used to when feeling this way: chocolate and dark nails. I’ve never been a chocolate lover (exception applies to about 4 days a month if you’re catch’n what I’m throw’n). I’ve also leaned more towards lighter nails to cover up imperfections and chips.
But lately I’ve been loving chocolate and dark nails. I called this manicure “American gothic” because of the black china glaze in “liquid leather” and a julip polish in “America”. I thought it fit. This is a very easy to use glossy black. My opi ridge filler base coat definitely helps the black. This black came with a Serena Williams (?) due with a crackle ages ago and it’s quickly become a go-to black.
The Julip polish in “America” is a very pretty heavily red glitter based polish with silver, blue, and sliver star glitter. I haven’t tried it on its own, but it seems to be rather opaque for a glitter polish. My only real complaint is that there isn’t enough silver star glitter. And when you do get one…it quickly gets covered by the finer glitters. So if you’re really looking for the stars to come out…might want to consider another polish.

At the end of the day I always remind myself that no matter what happens or however bad I feel…there will always be a substantial group of people out there going through something 10 times worse, take a deep breath, and think of all that I do have. And at that moment I’ve righted myself and I’m back on track…with chocolate to boot.

Stay humble my friends…


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