Sunday morning

…a mechanical wonder allowed me to see the sun rise for the first time in two hundred years. And what sunrises, seen as the human eye could never see them: silver at first, then, as the years progressed, in tones of purple, red, and my long lost blue.

-Louis, Interview with the Vampire


I’m not sure when i last witnessed a sunrise but that’s the quote that almost always comes to mind on the rate occasions I do. It’s funny how things come back to your memory…on Sunday I had to get up at 5:45 to get there fully made up by 8…only to have my hours cut at noon. Though I was upset about it…I wasn’t. I have been moving and doing stuff and traveling and working so much…I needed it. I got home took a photo of my makeup to do a post (probably won’t go up-photos look eesh) and then passed out to a Tim Burton marathon on abc family. I’m now paying for it because I’m wide awake at 2am and I didn’t take my makeup off prior to my nap…so I’m broken out and cranky. Sometimes pretty is ugly. This was one of those days.

But I needed that day.

I hope you all have a day like that and you enjoy the little things we often miss by being too busy…like an amazing sunrise.

Take time my lovelies…

Travel bag:make up brushes edition


Sephora concealer brush, bare minerals full face/blush brush, sephora collection double ended winged liner brush, Sonja kashuk domed crease brush, smashbox push liner brush, real techniques concealer brush for eyeshadow use, eyebrow pencil maybelline define a brow, real techniques full face multipurpose brush? I think?
so as I shared my make up to go bag…I figured I’d share some more of my to-go’s like my brushes and later my skincare things. As brushes go, I’ll reiterate a point I made before- I’m lazy. Brush cleaning for me happens when I realize I legitimately have nothing. Face brushes tend to get washed more frequently because a)I don’t have as many and b) those are the ones most in contact with the skin and get germy. I know one of the new things with make up brush lines is to make foundation/concealer brushes with antibacterial bristles…but let’s be real-they still need to be cleaned. I also have been using the real techniques brush case for all my brushes because it has space for more than what it came with and you can stand it upright so your brushes aren’t on notsoclean surfaces…winning.
All the brushes I take are interchangeable and for the most part I keep it simple: foundation brush, concealer brush, flat eyeshadow brush, at least 2 fluffy brushes, eyeliner brushes, smudgers, and a blush brush of some sort. If I’m trying to cut down on brushes I’ll opt for a setting spray instead of a powder. Then again everything depends on what’s clean…sometimes I use a cream blush because I don’t need a brush for it.

See. Lazy.

what do you all keep with your travel brushes? Link up below!


Later lovies!

Travel: Make up bag edition


As a lady on the go (mostly going from one job to the other), I’ve found it beneficial to have a bag kind of “at the ready” of things I really enjoy. That way, if someone calls out of work and they need someone to cover or I’m being lazy and don’t want to pack up a look- I can just add my most used face products that I always use and know that I have a simple and easy eye look that I don’t have to think about at the ready. I like that this is in a (cute) see thru bag also so I can easily spot check without digging and don’t end up, say, without an eyeliner. I’ve also added things that I can do variations to the look to make it not look too similar day to day.
I also pretty much used this bag on my recent trip to North Carolina and it made it so much easier to pack and get out…my neighbors probably think I run away whenever I head to NC because I looked so harassed and rushed and leave at random hours…but that’s a whole different story for a different day.

Laura Mercier mascara, Benefit HF!OW foundation in “pure for sure ivory”, MAC sheertone blush in pink swoon, Lancôme eyeshadow in filigree, color tattoo cream eyeshadow in barely beige, HIP gel liners in eggplant and black, Benefit POREfessional foundation primer, Urban Decay 24/7 liquid liner in retrograde,NYX xtreme lip cream in pinky nude, maybelline age rewind under eye concealer in light

As you can see I enjoy my fair share of purples. One of the easiest ways to make green eyes pop. I also keep some things in my brush set like my pencil eyeliners and eyebrow pencil…just seems to make sense since they’re in stick form. I swear there’s a method to my madness. I do switch these things out but this has been what I’ve been working with for about 2 months for quick stuff and for the most part enjoy it.

Do you have a quick “get ready bag”? If so let me know what they are or if you have a similar blog post link it in the comments below!

Later loves!