…it’s all I got


First things first…WP for iPhone- lame. In the wake of Sandy I haven’t done too too much blog related. We’re still waiting for our phone/cable/Internet to be fully fixed. Seeing as that’s our only real issue- I’m feeling super blessed. That being said bloggyblog hasn’t really been too updated. Done some post on the iPad but still…Internet is kind of necessary.

So basically I wanted to try out a new foundation tonight before taking an early shower and washing my beyond gross hair (dirty dirty…) and ended up with a full face of make up undoing all the clean up work I did while Sandy was wreaking havoc outside. Ahh well…I like how it turned out.

Most products are Laura Mercier: foundation, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, and gloss. And of that all but one were in my 500point perks from sephora. Verdicts still out on them (minus the mascara always loved that) but I’ll do a more in depth post on them as I get more acquainted.

How are all you kitties doing out there? Trying anything new with the make up?

Until next time lovelies.

ps…dear self….make prettierfaces…you frizzles are out and you have duck lips #not winning


4 thoughts on “…it’s all I got

    • hahaha thank you! I’m still deciding how I want to wear the shadow/how I can change it…but believe it or not that’s ONE COLOR.
      Love it.
      And I take at least 6 pulled face photos before I get a decent one- but sometimes the pulled faces are fun 😉

      • Wow, that looks so great for one colour, I thought it was a palette blend! I’m a big fan of Laura Mercier’s Silk Créme foundation but not tried the shadows. Think it’ll have to go onto the wish list now.

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