One lovely blog award!

So sometimes I feel like an ass… And forget to do things.

This is one of those times.

I had this lovely write up thanking product hoochie for the one lovely blog award and drafted it. And it sat. And then today I realized- well crap…is it too late? I voted ( as did scrappy, Elphie, and gabby) aaaand it’s never too late.


So thank you very much for the blog award ms.hoochie over at product hoochie(things that sound wrong but right for 100) and decided to push on with it 🙂

The rules say that I need to share 7 thingies about me with you…but what to share??!

1. Like love. If I could I’d travel back to the 50’s and love all the things. For a long time I tried to do authentic/reproductions of vintage hairstyles…but not so much anymore. I should probably get back to that aye?

2. I can’t do my makeup without music…and what music I listen to can affect what my make up looks like…darker music- darker make up. Rockabilly? Winged liner…etc.

3. At one time in my life I had 9 piercings. Get out of the gutter…nothing gross mostly in my ears. But I had regular holes gaged to an 8, second holes, 2 cartilage, an orbital ( I count as 2 holes because it was a b and it used 2 needles), and my navel. Of those I still have my normal lobes (unstretched), orbital, and navel.

4. I played rugby and lacrosse.

5. I danced in a national ballet feeder school and then hit puberty. No. More ballet career.

6. I have my bachelors in history with a slight concentration in women,science and medicine (my schools didn’t make you declare a specialty but that’s what I took a lot of and focused on.

7. I didn’t start fully wearing make up until I was in my mid-twenties…I used a little here and there but didn’t reeeally get into it until I was about 24.

Now for my nominees!
product hoochie
cowboys and crossbones
imagination is spicy
pink lady beauty
beautiful kayekie
girl in the glasses

I follow a ton of blogs on various platforms that I think are exceptional but these are some of the ones that got me into beauty blogging on WordPress and also I comment the most with 😀

As always thanks for the nomination again and thank you all for stopping by! Please check out all the beauties above and hopefully you enjoy them all as much as I do!

Later lovelies!


10 thoughts on “One lovely blog award!

    • every once and a while I’ll do a random bumper bang or pincurl up-do but its not so common around these parts…but it sure is fun 🙂

      and of course! I love reading about you, ted, and “cat lady lingerie”…I recently saw it at target and DIED.

    • Of course!
      Lacrosse wasn’t as tough as rugby…Womens lacrosse is kind of lame- you don’t get to hit anyone and its just kind of straight forward…Rugby you have full on tackle- my mother thought I was crazy for 4 years.

  1. Sorry that I’m only seeing this now… thank you so much for the nomination! Such a lovely surprise. Love your blog 🙂 x

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