You can call me Annette!


Per usual….better late then never right? As I said before- I didn’t know I was allowed to dress up for work two Saturdays ago. This pissed me off…only thing that pissed me off more was the fact that I only worked that one day within the days allowed to dress up. Rude. Had I know I would have busted out and practiced a black swan look…wanted to do that since the movie. Maybe I still will for no good reason- but I’m off on a tangent. I got to work with some pretty, yet normal make up. I had barely beige color tattoo, a couple colors from the naked 2 pallet, benefit they’re real! Mascara, black gel liner and pink lips. But when I realize I could be a little more jazzed up and wear my Mouseketeer ears I got in disneyworld this past May…well I gussied it up. As I haven’t said before-maybe I have? I’m a Disney lover to the max. I just came to this revelation a couple years ago..but I’m happier when I’m meeting princesses- not being at work. I have 3 different pairs of ears from 3 different trips, mouse ears necklace which I love, and all sorts of crap my parents wouldn’t buy me when I was little…as for the make up (main reason for this post… Not therapy over my scarred childhood…) I extended my wing, and added some black glitter liner, a little more shimmer to the lids, darkened my brows more than usual and busted out my Kat Von D red liquid lipstick in outlaw. All I can say about it is that people are so much nicer to you when you’re dressed up as a Mouseketeer/Minnie! I got a cupcake, and a cookie, and candy. My boss, however, said I couldn’t wear my hat past the week…but the pin curl/bangs I could do whenever.


I hope you all had a safe and happy halloween- if they do that kind of thing around your parts…and if they don’t I hope you enjoy us Americans making jackasses of ourselves πŸ˜‰

Later lovelies,


8 thoughts on “You can call me Annette!

  1. Ahhhh, I did a similar look for a house party for Halloween too! Nobody was dressing up but I was like “I can’t NOT dress up at Halloween” so I wore something I could get away with WHILE dressing different than usual… And I decided I am DEFINITELY going to rock the rockabilly in every day life more often! Love it! Really enjoy your blog! Jazz.x

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