REVIEW: Tarte Maracuja Miracle Foundation

I think one of the perks of working a part time job in the beauty industry is that you get to do brand training and learn about products…the other perk is you receive products to try out for yourself. You get to take your time and see how it feels, looks, and suits your skin/body/hair etc.

When we had training for Tarte, I was extremely excited. We got to sit one on one with the representative, play with the product, learn things, and ask questions. She then color matched me with the Maracuja Miracle Foundation, the matching concealer, and I got to pick out one of the new lipsticks they recently launched (this was about 1-2 months ago). I want to be perfectly clear that I did not have to pay for any of these products and they weren’t technically given for my blogs consideration- it was more of a “learn about it so you can discuss it with clients” type of situation. I also am just discussing the foundation today and the others possibly at a further date.


Upon the end if my training, the rep matched me to the shade fair (not shocked). First thing I checked out was the packaging. A sturdy, 1 ounce, heavy glass bottle with a pump and very little frills. This i like, but its not ideal for travel. Though I love foundations with pumps (more sanitary), I didn’t like them for planes as they’re likely to have pressure issues. The foundation boast a 12hr stay, with anti aging properties, and pump action. I actually liked the pump on this because it literally dispensed enough for your whole face. Usually I need a pump and a half of my other foundations to get what I feel is right. It covered well and evened out my uneven spots and redness. It also had a dewy finish- which I liked. It has a two year shelf life/ expiration date which is always something to check for and also broad spectrum SPF 15…always something to look for. It also received a lot of good reviews online so I had a lot of high hopes that this was going to be my “miracle”.

That being said.

I don’t like the foundation…or better said my skin did not care for the foundation. I wore this for about 4 days before I said…this isn’t going to work. After talking with other co-workers and a couple clients- I felt like this may not have just been a “me” issue. The first time I wore it my skin felt clogged. By the time I got home, I had acne coming to the surface. Like- I could feel acne forming. I think this is one of the worse feelings ever. I was logical and realized I was in my hormonal acne time period so there may be other factors to this. So I laid off and let my skin breath for a week…dealt with being moody, hormonal, me and decided I’d give it a go later. I’d also like to mention that I used this with my stila primer that I’d never had issues with. So about a week or so later I tried it again. I wanted to claw my skin off. It just made my naturally dry skin feel oily and just itchy. So then I thought…well could it be allergies/hives? Because it is made with all natural ingredients and sometimes things happen with allergies. But I hadn’t had any issues with the lipstick or the concealer and they all had similar ingredients. So I continued to try different ways- primer, no primer, different primer and all I got was a hot, acne, oily looking mess.

This product retails for 42USD. had I purchased it, I would have taken it back. It just didn’t work for my dry skin. As it has found amazing reviews online- I absolutely feel as though this is just a bad pick for me specifically. If you’ve tried it and love it…leave a comment! Just keep in mind, as I do, that not every products going to work for everyone and this is just my little ole opinion…but if I was going to drop that much money on foundation…I’d Iike for it to keep my skin nice.

Later lovelies,


13 thoughts on “REVIEW: Tarte Maracuja Miracle Foundation

  1. Its a shame that this didn’t work for you but with the perks you have you’ll soon have another to try. I once bought a L’oreal foundation after seeing on a friend with very similar skin condition and tone to me and it was truly awful on me, you can’t return amke up products here in the Uk, I just assumed because it worked for my friend it would for me. That itchy feeling is awful, reminds of being forced to wear knitted jumpers lol.

    • Oh I already have one…haha. It’s just a shame when more natural products stink. you try to do right and not put TOO many bad products on and then you break out. It is good that at a majority of places in the US you’re able to return products you’re not a fan of- but if i were going to spend that much money I’d be sure it could go back!

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