Sunday night musings

So I’ve been a little off the radar this week…I’ve had a few things planned but with my parents coming up for thanksgiving among a few other things- well time slipped away and here we are. On Sunday. With little to nothing to show for it.
I had planned on doing a little “photo-tutorial” as to how I get my eyeliner precise and then the unmentionable happened. I had an allergic reaction to an eye cream. I had/have a hive type rash on my upper cheekbones and scaly skin, which,as you know, is not cute. The strange part is that it wasn’t until the third day that the full on rash took its form. I think sometimes we know things are supposed to plump and tighten and do certain things that we kind of look past a little irritation. Needless to say, it was when I woke up full rash that I thought to myself “oh god…what other signs did I miss??!” With that I would like to encourage you all to check and take a little more time to realize the signs before it gets too late. Luckily- when I realized what was going on I was able to combat it and the swelling went down quickly…but sometimes you don’t have that time and know how.

I’m still scaly.

Other then that, we had our holiday meeting this evening which was to kind of pump us up for the holiday season. I think the BEST part (you can all agree…because I know you will) was that we had a gratis exchange! So I got to swap products and ended up leaving with some awesome stuff (all I can say is two Guerlain products! Eeek!) so I have oodles to share with you πŸ™‚

Hope you’re all doing well and staying healthy!
Take care lovelies!


8 thoughts on “Sunday night musings

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