Starting out slow


I’m reposting this because I posted a bad draft by accident…my b
Well clearly I’ve been off of my game with the whole “blogging” thing…but I’ll have to get to that when I get myself together enough to tackle that subject for you lovelies…however if you follow me on “the twitter” you may have an inkling.

So I decided to slowly ease my way back into your good graces with a little beauty tip to winterize your foundation.A lot of people, myself included, used to think that I needed separate foundations for the winter and summer. And though this can be true (deep tan to pale kid) if your shade doesn’t vary too much you can get by with a little help from these guys.

As a person with dry skin- I’ve always enjoyed the look of matte foundations. However in the fall and winter months I’m just too dry to pull it off . I also try to cut down on powder luminizers…or powders in general. Talk about cake face. My dilemma resided in the fact that the shade that matches me perfectly now was matte. I talked to one of my friends at work and she suggested working in a luminous base or primer in with my foundation. I’m not sure why but it blew my mind. There I was thinking base meant it had to go on first…but it could be mixed in. And I LOVE it. It makes the foundation an even better consistency, with just as full coverage, and a slight dewy-ness to it.

Turns out you can teach an old dog new tricks…
What ways do you lovelies winterized your make you?



8 thoughts on “Starting out slow

  1. I have laura mercier’s primer from a 500 point gift which I can now use more quickly with your idea. I tend t forget to use primer which I guess is why my face can sometimes forget it has to hold on to foundation throughout the day. Hallelujah.

    • That’s how I received the radiance primer too! it has a nice sheen without being shiny if you mix a small amount to your foundation…it also helps the foundation stay as if you put a primer underneath- at least for my dry skin it does.
      I also like that it kind of smooths the consistency of my foundation and applies smoother- but that could be just because I’m at the tail end of my MUFE HD foundation (sadness)

  2. I’ll have to try the radiance primer, that sounds really good! At the moment I tend to mix a tiny dab of pure white foundation (it’s an Illamasqua one that’s far too oily for my skin on its own) with my regular Laura Mercier. Gives it just a slight lift in shade.

    • I’ve heard about that but never tried it…but I’m loving the Laura Mercier. I hear yabi has a white/corrector in a white shade called “daisy” I believe- if you were looking for a different price point. I’m still playing with my one Laura Mercier foundation/tinted moisturizer compact so we’ll see where it goes…especially with my MUFE running low…oye.

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