Versatile blogger award

I thought it was high time I thank Arabella for the versatile blogger award she so graciously sent my way. She has a lovely blog and I’d like to scoot you all over there to see what she’s up to!


With this award I get to nominate 15 lovelies…and also share 7 things about myself. Because ime that popular and I just know you want to know all about me (paparazzi).

That being said I’ll do nominations first mememe second.

and the nominees are…

Now on to things about me:
1. I watch cartoons every night to unwind. I’m talking Arthur and bearstein bears. Every night. There’s something about them that’s calming. I can also watch any Harry potter movie and pass out.
2. I’m deathly afraid of people dressed up as mascots, Easter bunnies, Disney characters. You know the ones where their face is fully covered and they have the mesh eyeholes.
3. Sometimes when I’m really down, I pick between two things: wearing my glowing Mickey mouse ears with my glowing rainforest cafe mug whilst listening to girltalk. Or I give myself a make over.
4. I threaten my dog the same way you threaten a house elf: with clothes. It’s like torture for him.
5. Unlike the jersey shore (terrible tv show) we have sweatpant time instead of t-shirt time.
6. I’m allergic to one of our cats (that dang gabby…and she loves me so much) and live Christmas trees. I’ve been suffering from the tree for 29 years and just found out why 2 years ago.
7. I have a dry sense of humor. So much so that my friends called me Daria all through high school.

Hope you found those new tidbits about me entertaining 😀 and if you didn’t I have another blog award to post about…so you’ll be getting more about me and my so called life.

Later lovelies!



3 thoughts on “Versatile blogger award

  1. Sweetie, ok pls tell me you’ve already told me about the nomination before?? I just discovered this post (again?!) and was surprised i didn’t comment on it…
    had to smile about you saying you’re afraid of people dressed up as mascots…thats kinda of cute & funny 😛
    and i’m totally for a make over. Its always fun & make us girls def feel better 🙂 Even if its just a new pretty manicure.

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