Happy (crazy) holiday!


Ok so story time.
I’m still trying to wrap my head around this situation so…if any of you have any any idea of how this makes sense… I beg of you to let me know. Also- this is my first time ever a) working retail and b) working retail holiday. I feel very fortunate that it took me 28/9 years to do so…but it is what it is. The photo above me depicts the face I made at this client when I couldn’t…I don’t know just read on:

So last night at work, a woman frazzled from a day of lord knows what, comes into our store to purchase something with a coupon. Written plainly on said coupon (totally giving away where I work right now…please don’t out me) clearly said that the only stipulation was a minimum 50 dollar purchase- which is far from difficult. So she huffs off. Whatever…thought nothing of it. She apparently gave all my fellow associates an ass-hole run around (I’m sorry I try not to curse…but sometimes there’s no other way of saying things…and I come from a southern family- it happens). So she finally picks something else up and comes to check out. Her total was 3 dollars short of 50. Apparently one of the things she picked up was marked on the shelf as 36 but rang up as 26. She was pissed that it didn’t add up to 50. I’m talking slamming stuff on the counter, yelling at ME, pissed. I offered her everything with my manager watching and she wanted nothing to do with anything. Finally I asked if she’d like for me to adjust the price higher and I got called an idiot. Apparently she called me a “bitch” but I missed that (luckily). So I finished ringing her up still keeping it cool and nice and got her out. On her way out, my friend said “have a nice day” and she responded “go to hell!”

Now does any of that make sense to any of you? It’s really sad, in my opinion, that people allow their life/day/week affect how they treat other people. It’s also sad that people feel that they can treat a store associate like crap just because.
There’s no excuse.
Everyone has bad days….trust me I know. But you never know what someone else is going through.

Long story long am I crazy or does that not make any sense???!!! she was seriously upset the price tile cost less.

Hopefully you all are having a stress free holiday season and if you’re not?

Shop online.

Raise an eyebrow with me.



15 thoughts on “Happy (crazy) holiday!

  1. Absolutely raising an eyebrow with you, as ex-retail assistant, I’ve seen similar and it’s always a “Wait, what?” moment. I might get embarrassed if I misread a discount coupon, or didn’t note small print, but dumping a truck load of angry? No.

    When I worked in a bookshop (yes, angry people visit bookshops too), the rule was you did your best right up to the point where they started swearing and making personally abusive comments. Once they crossed that line they got asked to leave. With the help of the security guard if they wouldn’t leave voluntarily.

    I think it’s worth enforcing because doing your level best and being called an idiot or a bitch (or worse) and them getting to stroll out, knowing they’ve neither apologised or calmed down? They’re not a customer you want back again on another angry day out.

    Sorry this happened to you. I hope you get calmer, reasonable people for the rest of the holiday shopping season!

    • for my fulltime I work for a library consortium and believe me…when people wait for the last minute to get their articles for their research…
      angriest of lambs.
      I just didn’t realize how off she was until the end of it all when I had the chance to settle it in my mind.
      then it was like “WHAT THE HELL??!!”

      • If you’re ever up for a joint post on “Book-interested people, they do this, here’s how you survive” guide? I am totally in. 🙂 I also bow to your fulltime work. 🙂

  2. Eyebrow raised. Mentally ill, maybe? Trying to spend all of her husband’s money cuz she caught him cheating, but she’s an extreme couponer and addicted to couponing… I think I just raised the other eyebrow at what I just thought up… Kat

  3. You did very well in not telling her to piss off.

    Even she’s had a bad day she had no business speaking to anyone like that. I’d have been happy that the items came up less and would have saved my coupon for another visit.

  4. It is totally appropriate to curse when given the right situation – I am not sure there was any other appropriate word for her – maybe asshat? Many folks feel emotionally entitled to act out their negativity on unsuspecting folks.

  5. Having worked in retail and during the holiday season, I can’t say that I’m surprised. People are absolutely maddening shopping at this time of year. Sorry that happened to you! 😦

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