Happy holidays!


Hello lovies! I’ve been taking some time over here in the cold state of Maryland (not as cold as others…but still theres a nip in the air!) with my mom and dad in town and working. I’m not sure about you all but sometimes I feel as though there’s so much work that goes into the holidays and then it’s gone before we even realize its happening (I believe that’s hooker for a “quickie”). So while I still had to work both jobs…I tried to slow down and make sure I had memories, both good and bad (cough nephew temper tantrum on Christmas Day over chiggington cough). I just don’t want to lose sight of what this time of year really is about and not the materialistic thing that it has turned into…but I digress. I don’t have any good photos of my make up but it was all the same the whole extended weekend. I’m pretty sure this has something to do with being at the mall at 7AM (baby crocodile tears to that) and not being able to think straight at 5am to get my *ish* together. Therefore I ended up with a sparkly nude lid, softly defined crease, a little deeper outer crease, highlighter all over the place, and red lips. I tell you what…that Kat Von D liquid lipstick- on point. I ate oily pasta salad…didn’t budge. Color me impressed!


Hopefully I’ll have some more up for you before the New Year…but if I don’t have a safe and happy new year/holiday!



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