Cranberry schmoky eye || wet and wild eyeshadow

So as my last post was a kitty more luxury, I thought that it would be a good idea to do an affordable one next. I also realize that this will now be the third one using the Knock on Wood palette by wet and wild. Clearly if I keep picking it up maybe…just maybe you should too. I mean its under 3/4 dollars and half the time they have some sort of deal going on. Winner winner! I think wet and wild was one of the first brand I dabbled in care of my mom. And I’m pretty sure it was a god awful bright, chalky,blue. The brand has really come a long way [i mean they do have Fergie as a spokes model (I use the term “model” loosely here)]. I tend to go for this brand a lot when I’m hesitant to try out a new color. Nothing pisses me off more than spending a lot and can only use it on a blue moon…but I digress.


It’s such an easy, smoky eye…I absolutely love it. You can even use it with fluffier brushes and a lighter hand for a more diffused look-or you can use them wet for even more intensity. Some times I have issues using products wet because you can seal the product-but this was under 5. Just go get another. My creasing’s a little more under control with the aid of Too Faced shadow insurance but I’m still not super impressed. I also had a lady come up to me and say I had beautiful skin…which if you’ve struggled for years with your skin and pmsing…you know I got overly emotional. But still an A+ comment to boost my spirits.

Hope you’re all doing well and what’s your favorite inexpensive eye shadow?



That day I wore color again | YSL eyeshadow review

Yay! A new makeup post! As you can tell from the photo….this is not your average YSL eyeshadow piece. This is actually the Ombres 5 lumières/5 color harmony for eyes in 8. It’s not in the pretty packaging with the luxe effect…it is, in fact, a discontinued tester. When new collections come out, products get discontinued, or a tester times out (they have a life span too)… The managers in the store can give them to us as gratis. I have absolutely no problem with this because, well, I got a YSL eyeshadow set I really liked to look at (I didn’t want to touch it in case I fell in loooveđź’•) and didn’t have to bust the bank to get it. Note: it’s good to be tight with the managers if they have the power to give you these kinds of thingies. And drop hints…but I digress.

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I’m not sure how much sense this will make or if it has its place here…but it’s my blog so I do what I want…and if someone silently thinks “me too…” We’ll then my words have done something. And that’s a gift in and if itself now isn’t it? Thank you in advance<;3


Do you ever find yourself lying on the floor in the dark.
And just thinking.
Just being quiet and thinking.
And next thing you know it’s a month later and you’ve been in a thought coma?

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