Creeper dog


I thought it would be funny to share this photo with you guys. It’s from a little while ago but humorous regardless. So I was taking photos of my hair (as vain people like myself do) for one of my friends because we were figuring it exactly how she wanted to curl her hair. Side note- she lives a couple hours away so we figured it was easier for me to do mine…take pictures…and then go from there. Now some of you may say “Audrey…Skype…duh” but I’m very “animated” in the face when I do my hair-similar to mascara face- soooo I didn’t want to give black mail material.

Long story longer-

I took the photos and my friend was like “why’s scrappy creeping your photo? Isn’t he blind?” (He has cataracts as a bonus perk (#not) of diabetes) and we had the hugest laugh over Scrappy’s stalker moment. (Full original photo at the bottom…obvi)
Best part? I went through previous photos for the blog and found him creeping there too. Maybe it’ll turn into a “where’s Scrappy/Waldo” situation.

Anywho I thought all of you would enjoy this little gem and let me know if you’d like to know about my fur ball family:)

Have an awesome Sunday lovies!




2 thoughts on “Creeper dog

  1. Okay, I may have missed other similar pics, but this is the first time I’ve seen a dog photobombing. 🙂 Quite glad our cats don’t do the same.

    Also, those are really great curls too!

    • I had been editing them! He’s a silly pup but that photo always brings a smile to my face like he’s saying “Ma…why you taking pictures of yourself?”

      And thank you! I call them princess curls

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