That day I wore color again | YSL eyeshadow review

Yay! A new makeup post! As you can tell from the photo….this is not your average YSL eyeshadow piece. This is actually the Ombres 5 lumières/5 color harmony for eyes in 8. It’s not in the pretty packaging with the luxe effect…it is, in fact, a discontinued tester. When new collections come out, products get discontinued, or a tester times out (they have a life span too)… The managers in the store can give them to us as gratis. I have absolutely no problem with this because, well, I got a YSL eyeshadow set I really liked to look at (I didn’t want to touch it in case I fell in looove💕) and didn’t have to bust the bank to get it. Note: it’s good to be tight with the managers if they have the power to give you these kinds of thingies. And drop hints…but I digress.

As you can see, it has 3 very nicely pigmented gray scale colors in black, gray, and a silver. The black is matte but the other two have a nice satin finish. I enjoy that they out purple and pink in there as well! The pink has a bit of shimmer/glitter but its not obnoxious and doesn’t really go sparkle motion on the lid. The purple is a nice deep satin eggplant tone. For my green eyes these are perfect. The silver and pink took a little more work packing on but i find that somewhat normal with more shimmery tones. I’m actually ok with this because it provides you with the ability to pack it on or be less intense. They are very blend able, as well as build able, and the tones/colors work extremely well together. If you ever get a chance I suggest you check out their shadows just to feel. Do I think they’re anything to write home about? Not really. I just think it’s a well thought out color scheme at a high price point. But if you’re looking to splurge? Indulge? Why the hell not.

And here’s the look I did with the set! I used every color and really liked the effect. Unfortunately- Urban Decays primer potion wasn’t work’n out for me that day…le sigh.

kind of a Disney villain theme…maybe?

Terrible photo quality I know…but I really need to work out some lighting….plus my cameras on its death bed so. Pray for it.
I can’t wait to play with the colors more to see if different bases/better bases make it last longer and pop more. I also need to work on photos when I first do the make up….not hours later. I’m usually running out the door (it was snowing for crying out loud!) and think about it later. Next time.

My question for you lovies is… what’s your favorite splurge eyeshadow? what about favorite eyeshadow base (high or low end)



11 thoughts on “That day I wore color again | YSL eyeshadow review

  1. Love the color of the shadows – you lucky girl! The outcome rocks. I never steer away from my Urban Decay eye primer. It’s truly the best I’ve ever used. I’m also an equal opportunity shadow wearer…if I like the colors, I’m going to try it, whatever the brand!

  2. Lovely eyeshadows..I dont know for some reasons, I dont spend much over high-end eyeshadows. I preffer high end brands for foundations,liners,mascara. Try
    NYX and Artdeco eyeshadow bases they are amazing, I have reviewed one recently. check it out !

    • I’m not big on spending a lot on eyeshadow either. Wet and wild is pretty amazing in my opinion! If I could choose I’d probably go with urban decay as a nice mid-high end range…but Josie Maran and Laura Mercier are awesome too..and hourglass…ugg too much good stuff 🙂

    • Oh that is GORGEOUS! We can’t get Shu Uemura in the states…sadness.
      I saw previews for Illamasqua on Zoella and Sprinkle of Glitters’ YouTube pages…they’re divine. The nail polish looks like robins eggs!

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