Cranberry schmoky eye || wet and wild eyeshadow

So as my last post was a kitty more luxury, I thought that it would be a good idea to do an affordable one next. I also realize that this will now be the third one using the Knock on Wood palette by wet and wild. Clearly if I keep picking it up maybe…just maybe you should too. I mean its under 3/4 dollars and half the time they have some sort of deal going on. Winner winner! I think wet and wild was one of the first brand I dabbled in care of my mom. And I’m pretty sure it was a god awful bright, chalky,blue. The brand has really come a long way [i mean they do have Fergie as a spokes model (I use the term “model” loosely here)]. I tend to go for this brand a lot when I’m hesitant to try out a new color. Nothing pisses me off more than spending a lot and can only use it on a blue moon…but I digress.


It’s such an easy, smoky eye…I absolutely love it. You can even use it with fluffier brushes and a lighter hand for a more diffused look-or you can use them wet for even more intensity. Some times I have issues using products wet because you can seal the product-but this was under 5. Just go get another. My creasing’s a little more under control with the aid of Too Faced shadow insurance but I’m still not super impressed. I also had a lady come up to me and say I had beautiful skin…which if you’ve struggled for years with your skin and pmsing…you know I got overly emotional. But still an A+ comment to boost my spirits.

Hope you’re all doing well and what’s your favorite inexpensive eye shadow?



10 thoughts on “Cranberry schmoky eye || wet and wild eyeshadow

    • I have been using the YSL le teint touché éclat illuminating foundation. I’ve never used a paint pot but I have used urban decays primer potion as well as too faced shadow insurance. Primer potion I get creasing sometimes. The shadow insurance is good it just separates sometimes and I forget to give it a good shake. My skins nuts…dry as a desert and oily lids.

      • Will definitely have to try! Just picked up some Archie stuff…should have gendered at that too! Counters and stores are always so crazy. I used to use one of the paints but just got out of it.

      • I wanted to get some of the Archie stuff, but I’m moving in a couple of weeks and I figured I’d be practical and not spend money on makeup haha. What did you get from the Archie collection?

      • I got it because my sister got me a brush set for Christmas and they gave her the wrong thing…so we exchanged the kit they gave her and I got one of the eyeliners in black swan and the pearlmatte face powder in flatter me.

      • The other was too silvery. I thought it would be really nice in the summer with my knock of of NARS orgasm blush…or MAC pinch o peach blush. Not to mention…it’s cute. May get the brushes when they’re back in stock…I’m an Archie comics nerd 😉

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