She’s so Sassy// lash and OCC Lip Tar love


Hey there you patient, kind, sweet, readers (have I sucked up enough yet?) well my inconsistency shouldn’t come as a surprise but I’m a bit pissed at myself… I did have a lot of thingies planned/set up for your viewing pleasures…but I’m special. And I put in the wrong year for the scheduling…and it was waiting until 2014. I don’t know how I’m allowed outside of the house. So those will be popping up but I thought I’d go ahead with this one which is most recent. Good? Good.

So I first thought I’d entertain you with some sassy pageant low glitz. The reason there is only a “rollers” before photo and not a completed look is because apparently monsoon season has come to Maryland. I mean really. It was a little cloudy when I got ready and then…frizz ball. But I wanted to talk to you guys about some of my favorite lashes and threw in a pretty lip tar talk while I was here.

As I’ve discussed before, I’m a naturally long lashed gal. Depending on the mascara I can have just nice long lashes with no volume or just voluminous long lashes. I know I know. You’re think I’m bragging but it’s more of a “com-bragging” situation. Aka I’m complaining whilst bragging? Maybe that’s the wrong word. Either way, when it comes to false lashes I have a hard time finding ones that are both natural and are actually longer…without looking like Halloween crumb catchers. The ones I’ve found that work best are those called “Demi wispies” doesn’t really matter what brand, they all have the same feel. Just a word of advice- I always make sure my lashes have either a very flimsy band or an invisible one. Just easier to maneuver. From far away…they look pretty natural just amped up eyes. Up close, they don’t look super out there. Definite favorite.

For the OCC Lip Tar…I saw my friend wearing this and had to give it a whirl. It’s called pretty boy. Hot pink isn’t generally my “go-to” color but I actually enjoy it. I’ve been slowly (read:glacially) trying to move away from my more neutral and red lipsticks to pinks and oranges and have been pleased for sure. I think I may need to purchase this one…but I’ll be adding a full on review and how to soon. I also have a Lip Tar in NSFW and its a fantastic red on its own or missed with other reds,

Anywho, hope you lovelies have been dong well and that you haven’t given up on me yet 😉

Much love!


13 thoughts on “She’s so Sassy// lash and OCC Lip Tar love

  1. Glad you’re back again, and with a new word too “com-bragging” is great! 🙂

    I like those lashes, I’ll have to remember the tip about the band when I get some. If you have any tips on taming the frizzy hair thing in wet weather (a fellow frizzy here), I’d love to find a solution too!

    • I might go ahead and do a post on lashes…I’ve been doing them since I was about 9 or 10 for ballet so I have a few tips and tricks.
      I also make up a lot of words but try not to use too many on here…I have my own lingo sometimes. I guess it is what it is 😊
      For the frizzies…God. Life long struggle. I think that’s the reason I learned how to do braids, up dos, keep it long, etc. usually I use a different hairspray so it could have been that as well…I just know it was a hotmess Saturday.

      Thanks for stopping by!

      • A lashes tips post would be super! I do have one pair but the band on those is kind of thick so I usually end up glueing them to my fingers, not my eyelids. 😦

        Made-up language is fun and inventive too, much better than crosswords.

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