Country mouse in the city


As many of you may or may not know- make up is my part time job. For my full time, I work at a…high density library of sorts for the DC area. With that sometimes I get to travel into the city and visit libraries and learner attend meetings. I love feeling slightly metropolitan for a day…nice break from the normal ness that suburbia has to offer. Every time I visit a city…I get the feeling that I could live there. I could be a metropolitan lady, catching cabs and buses, walking everywhere, jay walking a little bit…and eating a random pretzel from a street vender or food truck just because the mood hit me right… Or just popping into a Starbucks to have a good read with some tea.

And then I think about how much I like the special time I spend in my car…and how city life doesn’t lend itself to that too much. Maybe I’ll find another place to have my meditations between work and home…but for now I am where I am.

I just like being surrounded by history I suppose. I guess that’s what I get for majoring in it. And people watching…people watching is awesome. But it’s just always alive in DC. Street performers and whatnot. It’s unlike any other place.

So after spending part of my day downtown for work…I ended up going again the following weekend for my sisters birthday. We specifically drove into the city for cupcakes from Baked and Wired. And let me tell you…best cupcakes in the area- and we’ve tried our share. Georgetown cupcakes, Sprinkles, and even Wholefoods has delicious cupcakes.but Baked and Wired are top notch. I mean they have a cupcakes called “uniporns and rain-hos” thats funfetti with neon green icing and sprinkles. Can’t get much righter. On top of that it’s kind of hipster and down a side street in DC. no line around the corner (ahem Georgetown Cupcakes) and its right by a crepes place I intending visiting next trip.

There are just so many fun and historic things about the area though…random statues and flags for universities and cupcake shops and and…dammit. I want to be a city mouse.



2 thoughts on “Country mouse in the city

  1. Great post..I love DC! My best friend lived out there for a few years and I definitely took advantage of visiting and sightseeing!

    • It’s such a pretty city! Something new to see/do every time I go. I went a lot in college for research and I miss how much I frequented. I’ll be back in April for a work conference….might sneak to the museums while I’m there ๐Ÿ˜‰

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