Little changes


My mornings on the weekend have been going like this:
💓Curse thetime
💓Figure out how much longer I can hits snooze and still pull off a full face of make up
💓Wake and curse
💓Throw myself together
💓Admire how I managed x,y,and z in 30-45mins
💓Find coffee

It truly is amazing how much you can get done when your priority is coffee and looking presentable. The issue comes when you get called out for doing the same makeup all the time. But I like my look(s). They work for me. But this day I said fine. I’ll add something….and I put out stuff to do something different…and then I hit snooze.
After my most recent trip to Sephora with alllll the green, and lack of time for creativity, I opted for my ole standby neutral and added the “Pantone color of the year emerald” as a lower eyeliner. What a difference it makes! On Saturday it wasn’t as vibrant as I wanted because a)I was still kind of sleepy/rushing and b) I didn’t care for the liner I used as a base for the shadow so it wore off.but it was a start. As you can see above its pretty vibrate and below is faded. But what I did was added green liner (MAC in Minted )and shadow (Urban Decay Absolem from the Alice in Wonderland palette- similar to UD Kush but more shimmery than glittery)to the bottom waterline and lash line and also extended it under my flick. The following day I tried it again with a different color shadow and brand pencil and it worked out oodles better.


What I guess I’m trying to get at is even though it might have gone busted by the end of the day…at least I tried something new. I don’t think we always realize we’re in a routine until other people point it out for us. So take a little time this weekend to really play with something y haven’t pulled out in a while and let me know how it goes!

After all…at the end of the day it’s just makeup.



9 thoughts on “Little changes

  1. I definitely agree. Personally, I feel like the whole point of makeup is to experiment with different looks! I mean, there are just too many products in this world to not play around with different things. Are you wearing fake lashes, by the way? They look super long!

    • I know! I just think sometimes we just grab for things that are easy rather than taking the time to switch it up..the whole “I like what I know mentality”

      I am wearing fake lashes! They’re the Ardell demi-wispies! They’re nice and kind of bushy so they don’t look AS fake from a distance. These are some of the few that actually are longer than my real lashes…the real ones are pretty long too.

      thanks for stopping by!

  2. Agreed, it’s way too easy to fall into using what’s handy/know how to use/is quick.

    I do that with my UD Naked palette all the time, while some of eye colours just languish as I haven’t experimented with them. I *must* make the effort. 🙂

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