Luck of the not-so-Irish 💚 FOTD

I guess playing with green last weekend had its benefits! I found out last week that we had to go all out green for st.paddys day. The thing that sucked was I had to be in to open at 9am…and if I’m being real with you I’m not particularly good at being a morning person. Creative juices don’t really flow that early…but I planned it out a bit the night before and I think it turned out well!


I decided to go for a smokey green with a simple bun in my hair. Whenever I wear extremely strong (for me) eye looks I tend to like to pull my hair off of my face. Just seems a bit sleeker. As for the green I like how it looks in the palette but it just wasn’t as bright and deep as I thought it should have been so I used the nyx glideon pencil in tropical green as a base to make it really pop. I also used it under the eye to give it a rounded smokey look….in the end it didn’t end up as rounded as I wanted but I think that had more to do with my eye shape. I added the main colors I used on the eyes below. I also used a standard matte brown in the outer corner/crease as well as the tiniest bit of liquid liner to define my lash line.


I think it could have turned out a little more green but considering I whipped this together in about 15-20 minutes and it stayed all day I’m not upset. I feel like for me I’m going to have to do this layering technique with eyeliner more often to really helps colors stay all day.


Well I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and enjoy this makeup look!

Later lovelies!



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