Dear Spring and Summer,

Dear Spring and Summer,
I’ve had enough. Spring “officially” started last week and we get a snow storm in Maryland on Monday instead. SNOW STORM. I’m talking 3-4 inches after a winter of no snow. Now if you don’t get your act together…you’re going to cause this dangerously pale woman to resort to drastic measures. I have
🔸St.Tropez tanning products
🔸Sally Hansen fake leg spray
🔸A tanning mitt
🔸Rimmel London and Guerlain bronzers
🔸Soap and glory exfoliator

And I know (for the most part…) how to use them. Get it together Mother Nature….you’re not cute. My windows beg to be down…and I want to play “Party in the USA” on blast. I need this.

Armed and Ready,
Pale kid for life

Ps…here we have Elphie “helping” set up my products. She’s really involved in the blogging process.



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