Hair Trauma

I realized recently that I think I have parting ways with my hair…it’s my security blanket. It’s one of those things that people comment on and say how nice it is. It’s definitely uniquely mine. The other day I realized how many excuses I was making on why I hadn’t gotten it trimmed: work, babysitting, projects company… This went on for easily two months.

Probably longer.

I mean I, like many of you, have had that one cut that made it difficult to experiment or think too far outside of the box. For me, I popped into a Haircuttery one random day, asked for layers and a trim,and left missing 3 inches (which was ok…) but also looking like the Sphinx. It was blunt and lifeless- basically it was long hair with a bob cut around the top. I’d show you a picture but a)no photographic evident and b) I know better.
So I get a little apprehensive,I take baby steps every time, and my hair dude knows this. I go in this time (this was last Tuesday) and he basically says “good lord woman…is past your waist” so yeah.
We cut an inch….
Then two more…
Then one more for good measure…


oh hey MySpace looking picture…but can you see the concern in my eyes and eyebrow?

And now I’m sad and having separation anxiety. But it looks better- I think? Definitely healthier. And I know you’ll look at it and think “but you still have a crap ton of hair!” But I know what’s gone, and how it doesn’t move and curl like it used to…and after all it was STILL FOUR INCHES.

Maybe I’m being over dramatic…I don’t know.

any trauma hair stories from you lovelies?



9 thoughts on “Hair Trauma

  1. You are really not alone! I feel for your concern face, although I think your hair is looking bouncy and shiny like in a conditioner ad.

    But, yeah, hairdresser fear big time. I really do like the last stylist I saw, which was four months ago. It took me three years to decide I had to go get my hair cut. I had an awesomely bad haircut and nasty hairdresser when I was ten years old and decades later I still am not comfortable no matter how well someone cuts and handles my hair.

    No-one’s ever discussed that with me, but as I sit looking like I’m about to have a root canal it might have been noticed at times.

    • Oh man…hair is super serious business! I’ve been seeing my dude for between 7 and 10 years now. He knows that I’m not predictable about coming in…and he also knows that I always go in increments. But now we’re good friends…and sometimes he sends me a message on facebook saying…hey just checking in…how long has it gotten. hahaha.

  2. You look gorgeous and still have really long hair (hell, I’m one to talk, I look like I’m trying to be Crystal Gayle)! I had MAJOR trauma when my hair was as long as yours (or mine is now) and I was asked to be in a RUSK hair show. I shit you not, they took my 20 inch long hair, held it at the base of my neck and scissored it off. Then I had ‘sprouts’ (their terminology) on the top of my head. I basically looked like I was a crew cut, choppy, lopped sided gal trying to grow her hair long. Worst experience ever!

    • Oh my God…I would have died. The shortest my hair has been since I was a child was a little longer than shoulder length. Has never gone higher than that. My hair has always taken more work then not but I went to wash it last night and had an afro of shampoo because I put waaaay too much on it.

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