My quick/lazy face

Am I the only person that reads or watches a video on a 5 minute face and thinks bs? Maybe it’s just me. Maybe I just feel like I need a certain amount of thingies on my face for it to be “ok”. I mean…do they factor in letting moisturizer, eye cream, and primer to sink in? That’s at least 6 minutes right there! Whenever I’ve tried to rush the process I end up looking a hot mess a couple hours later. And I’m not a fan of touch ups or hauling my whole arsenal with me.
Truth be told, I don’t wear makeup on a daily basis. My full time job is just really, well, grubby and there have been days when I use a cleaning wipe or wash my face midday. It is a dusty library…you’re going to get dirty. But sometimes I have to go to my part time job straight from there or head out with friends and I just want to be…presentable.
So this here is my quick/lazy/run out the door/ missed my 4th snooze face.

you can even see the frizzles out from all the quickness

Starts with my ole hendricksen nurture me moisturizer, fresh eye cream, and my smashbox primer. I let the moisturizer hang out for 5 minutes and the primer after that for 1. I take this time to do many things. Start my hair, put the dog out, feed Scrappy and give him his insulin….lay back down with the snooze. Just…things. Next I go in with my foundation which is the YSL touché éclat foundation and my sephora brand concealer in 03 light for under my eyes. I don’t really spot conceal too much because I suck at it. Go me. I should also note that if I’m in a super rush I use my beauty blender sponge or a multitude of brushes depending on what’s clean. I’ve never been good at putting foundation on with my hands is- that’s why I don’t do that (this is turning more into a what I suck at post…moving on). After that I’ll set it with whatever powders around. Recently I’ve been using a small size of the Make Up Forever HD translucent powder…but like I said- whatever my eyes fall on first. Same applies for blush. Where my hand goes first…that’s going on my face. A lot of what I have is similar so it works.
Now that the face is done (time with prep…maybe 10 minutes. I move to the eyes. I have a lot alot of easy cream shadow pots, sticks, pencils. They’re a lazy girls dream. Some of them are better than others but if you keep to lighter tones it works wondersI should also note that when my face is done I like to add a lip balm so my lips are ready for whatever). On this particular day (I was heading to my alma mater for phi mu bingo charity thing…no I wasn’t a sorority girl I just know a lot of them…k?), I used the Make Up Forever Aqua eyes cream pot in 13. It’s very similar to the barely beige color tattoo. Let that set up…and on to liquid liner. I’ve fallen in love with the Kat Von D pen liner in Trooper. Next I spray my Urban Decay setting spray. I make it a point to do this pre-mascara because I’m rushing. I don’t know how many times I’ve been good on time, did my mascara, then sprayed and just effed it all up. Mascara everywhere. I also use the time that the eyeliner has to dry, setting spray dry time, and mascara dry time to get dress, check for important emails, talk to our animals…take pictures for the blog.

Multitask when you can- it gives you more time to sleep!

And then I’m done! I say that like there weren’t 50 steps but I think it took longer to type than it takes to do. By the end it’s most likely between 15 and 25 minutes. If I have a little time I may put something in the crease for definition or line a little under my eye…all depends. I also don’t do my eyebrows when I’m rushed. Mine are aren’t perfect but decent so I’d rather spend my time elsewhere. My lips also kind of hit or miss. I keep mostly lip products in the purse so that happens in the car or after I get where I’m going. My lips are pretty well pigmented so I don’t stress there.
After allll that…I’m hauling butt to put the pup away, finish getting dressed, and running out the door. And usually I give myself time to not find my keys, decide I need a bagel, forget something and have to turn around. I’m all over the place.

Hopefully you enjoy my take of a quick lazy face! I TAG you all to do the same and maybe I’ll call out a few people to post on their quick faces too.

Until next time lovelies…



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