So this is what I’m dealing with right now. Dry patches of swollen bumps in the exact location I applied my eye cream/gel.

It graciously runs under my eyes both my eyes, across the bridge of my nose, and some above my lid. I even spot checked this both on my forearm and behind my ear. No issue, no reaction.
Needless to say- its itching like hell and I want to scratch my eyes out. I’d also like to note that my skin is even MORE dry than usual and AND its flakey and tight and just….it’s being rude is what it is,

How the hell am I suppose to be cute at a conference in DC with some decent looking fellas with the plague ravishing my face.

Just rude.

Needless to say you’ll be getting a review of the product later…actually probably not because I’m not putting it anywhere near me.

Hope everyone’s having a wonderful Tuesday!



16 thoughts on “Oye

    • I get nervous putting anything near my eyes…but I haven’t tried that yet. I’m fine until I adjust my glasses or touch it…then I just want to rub and touch. I used my allergy eye drops and that seems to be keeping the irritation at bay…I just don’t want to get hydrocortisone in my eye by accident…ya know?

      Oh! And thank you for the card! Love it!

    • I don’t think so…even still just goes to show how differently things can react with a persons chemistry.

      It’s just something that comes with trying something new…we just have to learn not to freak out and assess the situation…not make it worse etc.

      It’s clearing up though!

  1. oh dear, it looks like a reaction to mineral oil content in the product maybe ? It can feel like a burn a few days after and then tight. I wouldn’t put cortisone on it yet, perhaps just a cetaphil moisturiser until it heals which should be in about 7-10 days. You poor thing, take care x

    • It’s clearing up really well thank goodness…just a little irritated. This is the second time that’s happened (different products) so I’m kind of comparing ingredients to see if there’s any overlap. I’ve been using baby shampoo to clean around my eyes as well as a really heavy moisturizer. I do have some cetaphil cream around I should have pulled that out.

      Thanks for your comments though…I really appreciate them!

  2. Glad to hear that it’s healing up now, that looks really ouch in the photo (plus the not-so-great timing too!)

    I tend to be wary on trying new products around my eyes, in case of a dramatic reaction. Lucky for me that there’s not been one like you’ve had. I hope you’ll find what it is that provokes that reaction so you can avoid it!

  3. Eeek! What did you use? I’m afraid of using new skincare because of something like this. I had an allergic reaction to an Origins eye cream where this happened to me, only much less severe. That said, last year I tried a Lumene face cream and my face blew up just like this. I hope you feel better soon!!!

    • I used…the Bliss triple oxygen eye gel. Not sure of the full name as I’m at work now and I’m keeping it a at least 10 foot length away from me! I’ve had allergic reactions before so I’m not sure what set this one off… Back to my Fresh Lotus eye cream.

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