Updates coming!


Hi all! I’ve been way too busy lately I guess…I had my work conference and then travelled to North Carolina for my tribes PowWow this past long weekend. Needless to say I’ve been a bit all over the place. My emotions have definitely been up and down…which I’ll touch on when I get to my full on trip post…but until then I wanted to share this photo I took while watching some of the dance competition…it’s obviously overly edited but I like playing with photos and seeing how they turn out…needless to say I enjoy this one.

If you have any questions about powwow or anything you’d like me to touch on in my “powwow post” let me know in the comments!



6 thoughts on “Updates coming!

    • not a problem! is it ok if I email you the tribal info? I know my tribes been doing a lot of online searches and whatnot working on federal recognition etc…so I’d rather not pop up in searches but I’d love to share 🙂

  1. Welcome back! When I was younger my family was very involved in the Tatanka lodge so I used to do the dances around the fire and all of that (when I was very young). I hope that your emotions right now are up :). Looking forward to reading about your trip.

  2. So cool! The jr college I went to had an annual pow wow event to educate students, I never went but it seemed like a lot of fun. Although I’m sure a college event is much different from the real thing.

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