North Carolina Travels | the trip down

Who knows how this post will go…it’s all over the place. Either way this past weekend I headed on my usual pilgrimage (interesting word choice Audrey…) down to North Carolina for my tribes annual PowWow. This is the part that I verify to you all that yes…my lily white complexioned, curly light brown hair, green-eyed self…is, in fact, a full blooded Native American.
100% people.
don’t question it…I’ve had to deal with that my whole life and I have a tribal card and identification number as proof. But I don’t need to prove that to anyone

The trip down sucked. It started with my car failing emissions…which is ridiculous. Then, what should have been a 4.5 to 5 hour trip ended up being 8.5 hours. But that mostly turned into 8 hours of Ska music.Traffic all through Northern Virgina as well as a diabetic dog howling to do x,y,and z. You see…Scrappy has this fear that I’m going to leave him when I’m packing up on a trip and He won’t go to the restroom, won’t go in the yard on the leash before we leave…so about 2 hours in (where I’d usually be around my first rest stop) we’re in the middle of traffic. With a disgruntle Scrappy. But Scrappy is my ride or die dog. we’ve had a lot of good trips under our belts so the fact that they’ve gotten rough in his older age (just turned 7!) I can deal. So I see signs for a rest stop and think “this will be good” and the rest stop never happened…all I found were an odd assortment of people that I wasn’t willing to get out of my car for…finally- after heading off of 95 for far too long…we stopped and regrouped and got back to 95. It’s really bad when you hit traffic outside of traffic. Like off road traffic. But we made it back.

an hour later.

(I know you’re not reading to find out how crappy my drive was but…its all the suspense leading up to the trip am I right?)
After that “adventure” I thought we were well on our way when I was rear-ended by a mustang. I tell you, if I counted the sheer number of swears I said in that three house…I’d be packing up my bags for Hell because I’m pretty sure I have a spot waiting for me…but I digress. Pissed as all get out…I pull over…check things out- and to my wondering eyes the dude that hit me was fine. I loss all the anger. All of it. I hate when that happens. Luckily it was barely a nick on the back of my car and back on the road we went.

After that we started making progress…stopped at sheetz so that I could re-fuel, get something to drink and eat (OMG fried pickles…), and feed/give insulin to the diabetic pup. And he didn’t want to eat…so it was a toss up…do I still give him his shot? half a shot? wait?
He got half of his dose and we kept rolling…I was ready to get in bed. I’d also like to note how oddly people stare at you when you bust out a shot and shoot up your dog at a rest stop…I mean really.

By the time we arrived it was 11:30pm and mom and dad were just waiting for us. Scrappy (sometimes I call him Puffin…for further reference) was super tired so he barely ate and passed out just as cuddly. My mother also offered to make me a PB&J sandwich and told me of the “next days plans” because lets be real…I can’t just visit when I go to North Carolina…but that’s ok because I love them.

I think the highlight of that night was the fact that I found out my parents had Boomerang…which is cartoon networks channel for old cartoon…and Flintstone Kids was playing.


and with that I went to sleep and awaiting the following day…


5 thoughts on “North Carolina Travels | the trip down

  1. That *definitely* ranks as one incident packed travel route. I really hoped things picked up after the next day, for you and Scrappy! He does look adorable just sort of chilling out and guarding your drink there. 🙂

  2. What a trip! Years ago when I had a ferret, she had Insulinoma so I had to give her medication from a rounded syringe 😦

    • Year it’s no fun but we just made it past the year mark with diabetes and so far so good! He also has cataracts (due to the diabetes) so his vision is off too…but I love him all the same. He has a LOT of personality!

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