Out with the old | my new shower cap


It was a sad week in beauty for me.
After my trip to North Carolina (which I’ll be posting more on…just wanted to balance out my blog a little bit with travel and beauty…) I had to face the facts that things weren’t working out between me and my shower cap. This was the second one I had owned of the same kind. the first was a Christmas present that met its end thanks to a cat putting it in the toilet and my dad running it in the wash…and the second my mom got as gratis when she worked at Macy’s. It was from Benefit and it met my showering needs. Kept my hair dry (for the most part), was cute (duh), and fit my love for retro and pin-ups. But it’s been falling apart for a while. And I’ve had random wavy bits of hair…for a while.
But I was in denial.
I had to face the facts that it was not doing its job protecting my hair for the 5 days I go without washing (don’t give me that look…totally normal!) and say….
Bathina shower cap…it’s over. I’m breaking up.

Don’t get me wrong…you’re beautiful. Your elastics still got spring in it.But you’re falling apart inside. I could have replaced my shower cap with one from the drugstore…which I did in previous years but it never worked out right. They’d be too tight or too big and then the elastic would give and I’d have to buy another.
For me I’d rather just spend a decent amount and have a nice one that will last a while. So I popped into Sephora to check out their Benefit products and see if Bathina was still hanging out.
Sadly she wasn’t there…so I headed to Hello Kitty because I knew they had one and I like HK…but I wasn’t feeling the one they had. After that I had just kind of felt defeated. Nothing was really, truly, what I was looking for.


But then it happened.
I wandered back into the hair care section because I noticed things had been moved around since I last visited and they had drybar. Now, I’m not sure how many of you know about DryBar but its basically a salon that specializes in blowouts. They don’t cut, they don’t color, they curl a little bit…but mostly wash and blows. I cannot wait to go to one, as they just opened 2 near me…but I’m getting off topic.
This one had everything I was looking for. It was cheeky (it’s called the morning after…), it fit snugly, and it was reasonably cute(little yellow db logos all over). The price tag was 15 USD which isn’t bad considering the Bathina one was priced at 12 when I received it…but would it work.
What made me nervous was the terry cloth lining. I was almost as sure as I have hair on my head that as soon as it got wet it would just soak water…but it didn’t.

It’s wonderful.
It fits without being too tight, my hair remains dry,it’s comfortable, and it fits all my hair.
I’m so happy with my purchase! In fact I’m so happy I’m pissed at myself for not doing it sooner. (Isn’t there a step referring to anger? I don’t know…)

So my question to you all is:do you have something you’re in denial of that’s just not working out anymore?
Let me know in the comments below!

That’s all for now….later lovies!



7 thoughts on “Out with the old | my new shower cap

  1. I’ve never had a shower cap, but yours look so cute. Glad you found one at last:) I’ve always been curious about testing a dry bar, but the ones I’ve bumped into have been very expensive.

    • oh with my hair I absolutely need a shower cap. I only wash it 1 time every 4-7 days and otherwise I’ll end up a frizzball.
      The dry bars popping up around here aren’t too bad…in dc its 40. It kind of peeves me, though, that certain states its 40 and others its 35.

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