How to become a dollface the NQC way | part 2 even easier liner


As I’ve said before…I’m blind as a bat. I’ve gotten the hang of getting awkwardly close to a mirror in order to do my liner and eyeshadow…as well as the checks in-between each blend pulling the glasses down, checking, rechecking…etc. But sometimes my eyes and hands just don’t want to cooperate.
Those are the days I use…

Method 2- Scotch tape liner

Scotch tape can be used for many different eye make up things. You can make sure you don’t go too over zealous with the eyeshadow and end up blending it to your cheeks (works exceptionally well with smoky eyes), use it to have a very defined outer “v”/shadow line, or to guide your gel liner to the perfect winged liner. I also suggest you just try this with either eyeshadow, cake liner, or gel liner. Liquid liner gets a bit…messy. Is it doable? of course…you just may need to clean up more. Even still this a tool I suggest you try at some time in your life.

1- prep the area- When I use the tape, I like to make sure the skin is very moisturized with eye cream or just moisturizer. I also do not do my foundation first. There’s no point. You’ll have to touch it up and the tape will probably pull some of it with it…so just wait it out.

2- make the tape less sticky- I’m not sure how much I can stress this. Put the tape on the back of your hand a couple times…make it less tacky. If you don’t- your face will hate you. It is going in a very delicate area of skin and you need to take the proper precautions.

3- Apply tape to eye- for this I like to use the tail of my eyebrow and the waterline as a guide. Hasn’t failed me yet. So- as you can see below- I’ve snugly put the tape against my lower waterline/lash line and extended it to where my eyebrow will (soon) be.


4- look down…again, and begin applying- similar to the last liner tutorial, look down in your mirror but unlike the last, start with the wing. I just like to get it out of the way.


4.5- Application- Start applying onto the tape and then pull in towards the middle of your eye. That way- if the tape lifts in anyway, you’re not dragging the product under the tape and defeating the purpose. Really doesn’t matter what brush you use as long as you’re comfortable. I’m a fan of the angled liner brush because it never fully obstructs my view.


5- finish liner/reveal- after you have the wing pretty…just follow the same steps in the previous liner tutorial to getting the liner across the eye. looking down, taking your time, etc. Then make a funny face pulling the tape off. Apparently I cannot do this without pulling a face…who knew.



6- Clean up! at this point you may realize a little product got under the tape, or the line isn’t as sharp as you wanted it. Most of the times this is the point where I realize my eyeshadow’s too low/under my liner line. For clean up there are a couple things you can use and some you really shouldn’t. Cleansing waters are awesome at this. They won’t irritate the skin that just had tape on them and you won’t have to worry about your foundation and concealer not staying. Oil based make up removers are a no no for that purpose alone. I’d also move away from anything alcohol based because your skin may be a little tender. So I usually take my cleansing water on a round cotton pad and clean up shop…easy peasy.


And that’s it! I think it’s super simple and pretty. I like to use this when I’m doing super-sized Amy Winehouse wings because it keeps them uniform and sharp. Again, you could run into the issue where your eyes are a different shape but it is what it is…this keeps the angle relatively close and can get you more confident to rock that eye.

As always let me know if you have any questions or anything is unclear! and let me know/link back if you try it!

Later lovelies!



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