Hey there…


Hello my little potatoes. You’re probably all (not) wondering about me and my absence. Well I’ve been in my car a lot as shown here. Red lips, sunglasses, and raised eyebrows. It’s all I’ve got. I’ve been at work A LOT. Both jobs are hectic so the little bloggerino took a break. In that time I’ve been nominated for blog awards I haven’t been able to do yet…been to a wedding…GOT HIT ON(wild- I know)…lost people, made new friends. I’ve gotten reviews from both jobs- doing a little more at the make up job- always more at the real job.

To top it all off my parents are coming tomorrow and everything at the house is a hot mess. Needless to say I’m having to take a little time to think about breathing. It’s a process.

Just know I miss you all and I’ll be returning soon? Yeah- soon.

Later lovies-


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