How to be a dollface the NQC way | part 3 false lashes!

Oh heeeeeey. Lets revive this joker. So along with liner, I think one of the most difficult things to do that is super effective are false lashes. There are a TON of different ways to do it…just like my liner, I can’t always stick to one. Kind of ends up being a matter of what kind of lashes they are, how much time I have, how many times they’ve been use…the circumstances go on. So I thought I’d show you one of the ways I do it.


1. Pick your lashes
Not all lashes are created equally.I’ll say it took me a while to figure out what kind of lashes that both gave me the effect I wanted and fit my eye shape. So it’ll definitely take some trial and error. You may need to trim them, they may end up too crazy or too natural. It’ll just take time. As a rule of thumb for myself, if I feel like they look super natural- go up a notch. I just happened to have long lashes and the natural ones tend to get lost in there. For today, I’m using the Ardell 120 Demi’s. they’re cheap and work well. Probably got them on sale.

2.get the glue going, curl your lashes, and apply some mascara
It’s important to get the glue a little tacky before you put the lashes to your eyes. Otherwise they’re liable to end up everywhere but your lash line and your lids will be covered in glue. So just put a little blob somewhere and let it sit. I tend to use the packaging they come with for this purpose- whatever is left will just peel off later. While that’s happening curl your real lashes. This will blend your real lashes with the curve of your fake. Then apply a coat of mascara.. Nothing too crazy just my lashes are pretty blonde- so they need that so I don’t look weird.

3. Apply glue to lashes
You can do this a bunch of ways. Getting it on the back of a makeup brush, dragging the lash thru the blob, or, as I did, with a broken q-tip. I just like to make sure the edges have a little bit more glue to anchor them down. That’s where you’re more then likely to have the lash come undone during the day #notcute. I will say if you need a numerical amount of time as to when the glue is ready- about a minute. You’ll also notice the glue will start to clear up. I also like to hold my lashes with my tweezers.

4. Apply lashes!
At this point, I have my lashes gripped in my tweezers, glue looks good and ready, and it’s time to just go for it. I first like to look down in the mirror (just like I did for my liner) and place my lashes right in the middle of my lash line. Then I use the tweezers to tuck in the corners. Because the glue has had some time to set up your lashes are more likely to stay where you put them…but you still have some play time. After I’ve gotten them on…I double check them. Are they close enough to my lashes? Do they blend in well? Do they need to be more left/right? And adjust. This part tends to take the most time for me…but worth it.

5. Final fixes
You’re pretty much done now! Sometimes you’ll finish and notice the lash line isn’t as clean, or you want to tight line your lashes. Sometimes the clear glue goes a little gray so you can just cover that with a little more liner…but you did it! You now have your lashes on!


Hope you all found this somewhat easy to follow! I didn’t realize how difficult it would be to take photos and explain something I’ve been doing for what feels like forever. If you’re interested- I can do another post regarding what kinds of lashes work well and kind of a buyers guide.
Your thoughts?

Later lovelies!


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