Hello and welcome!As a lady that grew up watching Sex and the City and getting wild ideas about how life should be…i think it’s safe to say that Carrie Bradshaw gave unrealistic expectations to my generation. We all crave the nice bags, expensive shoes, and that “statement piece” that everone knows me by…but the truth of the matter is thats mot happening in this day and age. I’m a nearly 30 (gasp) year old that has dubbed myself a faux-ionista. Faux-tionista meaning that I don’t get to be super fabulous but I give it a good try. I have crazy big hair, wacky skin, and a short curvy body. The combination of these have all made trends and the newest fashions difficult for me. Something about frizzy hair and bangs…just doesn’t work out 90 percent of the time…but I digress.
I like make up, clothes, and traveling…not to mention carni food, and sweet tea. If you like any of those then you’re in the right place!


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