Out with the old | my new shower cap


It was a sad week in beauty for me.
After my trip to North Carolina (which I’ll be posting more on…just wanted to balance out my blog a little bit with travel and beauty…) I had to face the facts that things weren’t working out between me and my shower cap. This was the second one I had owned of the same kind. the first was a Christmas present that met its end thanks to a cat putting it in the toilet and my dad running it in the wash…and the second my mom got as gratis when she worked at Macy’s. It was from Benefit and it met my showering needs. Kept my hair dry (for the most part), was cute (duh), and fit my love for retro and pin-ups. But it’s been falling apart for a while. And I’ve had random wavy bits of hair…for a while.
But I was in denial.
I had to face the facts that it was not doing its job protecting my hair for the 5 days I go without washing (don’t give me that look…totally normal!) and say….
Bathina shower cap…it’s over. I’m breaking up.

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Not sure what the heck I’m doing but…

I’m sitting in DC for a library conference (go ahead…laugh..I’ll wait) with an awesome free cup of water (because let’s be real how often do you get free stuff in DC…maybe a foot fungus from a rough night out and you decide to way without shoes on…ok I’m rambling) and decided to work on some bloggie things between sessions.
So in that time…

I decided to join bloglovin!

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Also- there will most likely be a people watching post coming up. Not sure if photos will be involved I’m not sure what kind of stealth I possess just yet. But it’s off the chain here with the people watching

In other news- I tried a Bliss eye cream last night and have hivey bumps all around my eyes. Thank goodness my glasses pretty much cover it and don’t intensify the situation…my special eyes…

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Hair Trauma

I realized recently that I think I have parting ways with my hair…it’s my security blanket. It’s one of those things that people comment on and say how nice it is. It’s definitely uniquely mine. The other day I realized how many excuses I was making on why I hadn’t gotten it trimmed: work, babysitting, projects company… This went on for easily two months.

Probably longer.

I mean I, like many of you, have had that one cut that made it difficult to experiment or think too far outside of the box. For me, I popped into a Haircuttery one random day, asked for layers and a trim,and left missing 3 inches (which was ok…) but also looking like the Sphinx. It was blunt and lifeless- basically it was long hair with a bob cut around the top. I’d show you a picture but a)no photographic evident and b) I know better.
So I get a little apprehensive,I take baby steps every time, and my hair dude knows this. I go in this time (this was last Tuesday) and he basically says “good lord woman…is past your waist” so yeah.
We cut an inch….
Then two more…
Then one more for good measure…


oh hey MySpace looking picture…but can you see the concern in my eyes and eyebrow?

And now I’m sad and having separation anxiety. But it looks better- I think? Definitely healthier. And I know you’ll look at it and think “but you still have a crap ton of hair!” But I know what’s gone, and how it doesn’t move and curl like it used to…and after all it was STILL FOUR INCHES.

Maybe I’m being over dramatic…I don’t know.

any trauma hair stories from you lovelies?


You can call me Annette!


Per usual….better late then never right? As I said before- I didn’t know I was allowed to dress up for work two Saturdays ago. This pissed me off…only thing that pissed me off more was the fact that I only worked that one day within the days allowed to dress up. Rude. Had I know I would have busted out and practiced a black swan look…wanted to do that since the movie. Maybe I still will for no good reason- but I’m off on a tangent. I got to work with some pretty, yet normal make up. I had barely beige color tattoo, a couple colors from the naked 2 pallet, benefit they’re real! Mascara, black gel liner and pink lips. But when I realize I could be a little more jazzed up and wear my Mouseketeer ears I got in disneyworld this past May…well I gussied it up. As I haven’t said before-maybe I have? I’m a Disney lover to the max. I just came to this revelation a couple years ago..but I’m happier when I’m meeting princesses- not being at work. I have 3 different pairs of ears from 3 different trips, mouse ears necklace which I love, and all sorts of crap my parents wouldn’t buy me when I was little…as for the make up (main reason for this post… Not therapy over my scarred childhood…) I extended my wing, and added some black glitter liner, a little more shimmer to the lids, darkened my brows more than usual and busted out my Kat Von D red liquid lipstick in outlaw. All I can say about it is that people are so much nicer to you when you’re dressed up as a Mouseketeer/Minnie! I got a cupcake, and a cookie, and candy. My boss, however, said I couldn’t wear my hat past the week…but the pin curl/bangs I could do whenever.


I hope you all had a safe and happy halloween- if they do that kind of thing around your parts…and if they don’t I hope you enjoy us Americans making jackasses of ourselves 😉

Later lovelies,

A little imput from

In the months that I started this little blog I didn’t know what would come of it. what if I lost interest, got bored, I got severely bad mouthed and shamed into a dark hole of sadness. Loads of things crossed my mind, but in the end I just wanted to share my constantly growing and evolving love of makeup…sometimes clothes/fashion, and maybe a little bit about my life. And if what I’m doing helps someone half way across the world that thought they were the only one thinking something…I’ve accomplished something.

As premature as I feel this is in my gut, I’d still like to thank all of you for liking, commenting, and eventually following my little corner. Because of this I’m excited to log on and let you know what I’m up to and what you are as well. As a strong minded, do what I want type of person…I’ll still post what I want and delete anything where I see fit, but I wanted to take sometime and do a poll to see what you all like as well. I’ve tried just keeping up with my stats but they’re all pretty even.

So without much more rambling please vote!


Quick and easy side bun

Just wanted to share quickly how I’ve been doing my hair recently! It takes seconds and looks super pulled together. Super quick and super pretty!


And also…I chopped off three inches of hair and it doesn’t look any different…just nicer ends. #longhairfail


Do you have a fun simple go-to hairstyle that looks like it took more time than it did? Let me know!


I’m a be”Liebster” | Leibster Blog award!!

imaged taken from http://fairytalesandcoffee.files.wordpress.com

Leibster Award photo taken from http://fairytalesandcoffee.files.wordpress.com

Check it out! I was nominated for a Leibster award by http://fairytalesandcoffee.wordpress.com! Thank you so much for the award! I don’t think I really knew the direction I wanted to take on my blog until a couple months ago so it’s nice to be recognized.

Now to the rules:

1) Post 11 facts about yourself

2) Answer the questions the tagger has set for you and create 11 questions for people you’ve nominated

3) Choose 11 9 people to give this award to (with fewer than 200 followers) and link them in your post

4) Go to their page and tell them

5) Remember, no tag backs

11 thingies about me!:

1- I’m the youngest of 3 girls (poor dad) and the age difference between the oldest and myself is 12 years.

2- One of my sisters has her cosmetology license…with that comes some pretty sweet discounts.

3- Both my sister and I work 2 jobs…one in corporate America and one that involves beauty…I’d say it’s in the genes but my oldest sister is not makeup/hair savvy at all.

4-I played rugby in college for 3.5 years and assistant coached for 2.5. Which was always funny at the time because I was all of 110lbs…not so much now but I do still enjoy hitting people.

5- I am 100 percent Native American and stereotypically challenged. I have green eyes, fair skin, and curly light brown borderline blonde hair- but I know my family tree back +100 years so it’s legit.

6- I did ballet in a feeder school for the national ballet…then I hit puberty.

7- I have my Bachelors of Science in History.

8- Disney kid at heart…I never knew how much I loved Disney until I went when I was older…now I’m dream/plan going back all the time.

9- I.love.carnival food. like bad. Corndogs, cotton candy, candy apples, funnel cake…I can’t help it. sooooo gooooood.

10- I hope to go back to school and get my masters in Library Science. Which apparently is weird in my circle of friends…I mean really its computer science with books.

11- I have a jackrussel/pug mix named Scrappy and I love him dearly. His nickname is Puffin. He recently has been diagnosed with diabetes and also has cataracts and it has been the saddest couple months dealing with it…but we’re going to make it 🙂

11 questions from http://fairytalesandcoffee.wordpress.com

1. What is your favorite book? Geek moment. I could pick up almost any Harry Potter book at anytime and read it. I think because I know them all so well it relaxes me and helps me go to sleep. Those and Alice in Wonderland.

2. Do you still read fashion magazines,? and if you do which is your favorite one? If you don’t, why did you stop reading them? I do whenever my sister brings them into the house but not actively…I feel as though even though they’re trying to improve they’re still too impressionable to the youth of our nation.

3. What is your biggest skincare concern? Stress-ne I get stress acne way too easy.

4. If you had to choose: Britney or Christina, and why? Christina all day everyday. If you take away the slutty clothing and the dirrty xtina phase…she has range and can sing with the best of them.

5. If you have to choose: Shakira or JLo, and why? I’d say JLo but she’s putting her name on everything and is like the curse when it comes to Movies…Shakira I like. Her American music isn’t the best but when she sings in spanish it sounds lovely.

6. Favorite female or male model? is it bad I don’t know models? but if I had to pick a guy that has modeled…david beckham all day everyday.

7. Cosmetic brand you would take to a deserted island, and why? Laura Mercier….they have amazing skincare and SPF with coverage as well as other make up goodies.

8. Cosmetic brand you would pull the plug on? (Bury never to be seen or heard from again). Oh God…I don’t know…I think all brands have that “miss” product that’s very…what were you thinking but I wouldn’t say no to a brand brand. Maybe whatever it is they carry at dollartree. We tried it once and it was break out city.

9. If you could only use one makeup product for the rest of your life, what would it be, and why? (once my skin gets itself together and clear) Mascara…because i can use it as mascara and with a brush I can make it liquid liner

10. Last movie you saw. I honestly think it was Puss in Boots…Last one I saw at the actual theatre…hrmm.I think it was Magic Mike.

11. Iphone, Android, or Blackberry? iPhone. I used to be a droid and I had a lot of issues with it so I made the switch.

My 11 questions|

1. Where is your favorite place to pick up makeup?
2. What age were you when you started regularly wearing makeup?
3. Favorite Disney cartoon movie?
4. If you could travel anywhere for a month where would you go, why would you go there, and what would you do?
5. What is one piece of clothing you couldn’t live without?
6. Which band-dead or alive- would make your life to see/meet?
7. If you could invent your own line of product (fashion,makeup,skincare,etc) what would it be?
8. Whats your favorite drug store brand?
9. What’s your favorite lush! Product? And if you don’t have one what would you like to try?
10. What’s a hidden talent you’d like to share?
11. What is something you’d like to do before you’re too old to do it?

passing the torch…

Ahh! Who to pick??!! Can’t I just nominate everyone (coughcopoutcough)
It originally says 11 but I think most of the people I follow already have 200+ followers…we’ll see how I do

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