A little haul!

I feel terrible that I haven’t posted as much as I wanted to this past week. Camera was on the fritz and then my laptop just turned itself off…mid-producthoochie post. So as you can imagine I’ve been scrambling. I thought about working on it at work but…people don’t know me as a makeup wearer at my full time job- nor would they understand me having gussied up photos of myself up. I’ve also been trying to work it out more on my iPad and phone and attempting to enjoy the WordPress apps but…we’re in a love/hate phase. So I thought I’d bring you all a baby haul! Products are from Target, MAC, as well as sephora. Some are just regular pick ups and some are newbies to come on the blog (hello Archie Collection!!!) Hope you enjoy and many apologies for the delay!


Funny story about the slouchy ankle boots (detailed picture below)…I tried them on and was in love- only to realize they may or may not be a size 4….not sure if they’re kids boots or not but Target generally doesn’t carry a 4 women’s. Judge me if you want I still think they’re cute.


Later lovies!